April 7, 2016

3 Crystals That Attract Love, & How to Use Them.


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Love is the most precious and abundant energy in the universe, yet we often block ourselves from receiving its glow.

We have all had juicy and gritty times with it, but love, no matter our history, is still right here waiting for us.

The thing we say we want the most can often elude us. What we desire may be at hand, but we have just closed our eyes to it. With love, sometimes it is simply about finding a way to bring it closer.

Crystals can be a powerful tool to increase our vibration, release old unneeded energies and call to us the sweetness we seek.

Humans have been using gemstones for millennia as aids in the sectors of love. Below are three crystals that can amplify love in our life and a bit about how to use them:

Rose Quartz

This beauty is soft rose in color and one of the most used stones to promote love. It is said to be good for lovers because it resonates at the frequency of the heart chakra. This area of the body (the upper chest) is related to compassion and tenderness, not only for each other, but also toward ourselves.

Being in the quartz family, rose quartz is a natural amplifier of energies. When we are working with this stone, we simply need to focus on loving thoughts and emotions for it to increase them in our lives.

In the energetic world, like attracts like. As we create a frequency of love, that wave acts like a magnet to draw to us exactly the same.


Similar to a picture of the earth via satellite, this crystal is primarily rich green and blue in color. It acts as a love stone by activating our throat chakra, which is all about communication. It can bring love to us by connecting our voice to the wisdom of our heart.

Our throat is one place that gets blocked easily—expressing love can be scary, and old issues often get in our way. Chrysocolla releases any anger or resentment we have held around relationships. Anger has a lower vibration, so when we let go of it we naturally raise our power to attract.

Pink Tourmaline

Similar to the rose quartz in color (although slightly more vibrant) and also connected to the heart chakra, this crystal is representative of the feminine goddess energy. It has softer healing qualities than the rose quartz and is reported to promote tranquility through the ability to make us feel safe.

Due to its relaxed nature, this stone eases the stress we may carry about there not being enough love in the world. Often, lack of love is not the problem; rather, it is our fear around it.

There is a boundless amount of love, we just need to tap into the universal reservoir and receive it.

How to use our love crystals:

In the bedroom:

These three gems are the ultimate bedroom stones. Whether we’re looking for a romantic companion or more self-love, we can promote this by turning our bedroom into a sacred and intentional setting for it.

We do this when we place these crystals on the floor at each corner of our bed. This action surrounds us with heart intentions while we sleep and play.

Hanging one of these stones above our bed to gaze at when we first wake up is another effective way to keep us in an affectionate mindset.

In addition, when placed under our pillow while we sleep, they can help us release heartache and create space for new love to arrive.

Wearing them:

Rose quartz is best worn around our neck, sitting at the area of the fourth chakra (mid-chest). Here it will assist the heart to stay open and receptive to love, while reminding us of the support we already have.

Chrysocolla is most effective when it sits closer to the throat chakra. Here it will assist us to speak the truth of our heart more readily.

Pink Tourmaline is effective when kept in the pocket of our clothes or, if we wear one, a bra. It can keep us calm and fearless about the prospect of living a life filled with affection.

During meditation:

Including one or all of these stones while we meditate can heighten our awareness by inviting their support on our spiritual path, too.

I like to imagine light radiating out from these gems and surrounding my body with a field of pink warmth. I picture this resonance coming with me for the rest of the day, calling in tenderness.

Working with crystals can be like hiring on a new, bright and powerful personal assistant to our personal team. It’s about setting an intention and letting these stones draw it to us. The more we choose to see love and work with it, the more love reveals itself to us.

Enjoy love-creating!


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