April 19, 2016

I Want the Impossible Kind of Love. {Poem}

deviantart lovers couple relationships caring hugThere’s no way we’ll ever receive what we believe we deserve unless we fix our intentions.

Only time will tell, whether that collision occurs in this life or the next.

It needs to be felt from the heart. Love is our guiding force.


I want the impossible; the imagine kind of love.

The happily ever-after kind of love, no matter what the odds.

Not the fairy-tale kind but the type where two people just get one another—two souls who’ve danced together yet often journeyed separately for untold lifetimes.

They accept each other and embrace every flaw.

I’m interested in a woman who is wise and mature.

A woman who’s likely been here a few more winters than I.

Having our hearts broken many times, we’d no longer desire chasing after the drama that so many young lovers do.

The stars would illumine our unbridled love each night and by day, the sun would evidence our faithful commitment upon awakening.

Nothing stands between true, unconditional love except time.

The stars were meant to align perfectly because we always knew they would—like clockwork; a divinely orchestrated universe and fateful meet.

The impossible odds that two people meet because at some point we were told that anything is possible.

So we dared to believe in such a remarkable love no matter what kind of criticism we’d face.

There are a few lucky ones in this world and they know that it’s they—who the dreamers, optimists and hopeless romantics write about.

I can feel her and she feels me—our dreams uniting us often yet distance separating us physically.

There’s no logic to analyze such a union—an undying bond that remains ever-lasting; eternal.

Until my last breath, I’ll await her.

I’ll wait the moment we’re both together again—no matter how impossible the odds.


It’s only when we settle that everything we’ve desired for so long cannot reach us.

Letting go of all that will no longer serve our good fortune is crucial to the reception we adamantly believe in.

Create the reality you want because the time we have to share this splendid life is fleeting.

Embrace the loneliness that accompanies all that we wish for the most—but remember; we’re never truly apart from that which we truly desire.


Author: Thayne Ulschmid

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

Photo: NomiZ25/Deviantart  & Natalia Drepina/Deviantart

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