Pieces of My Heart. {Poem}

Razvan Narcis Ticu/Unsplash

I am saving up my thoughts
For you today

Dropping them
Like pebbles into a sacred
Pouch strung round
My neck
Keeping them warm
Against my heart
Still pulsing with life
And energy
Until the moment
Is right
Until you are ready
To receive them
Until I can place them
Within your open hands
Enclosing them
Within my own
And meeting your eyes
With honesty and love
Say, “Here…these are for you;
They are my heart.”


Author: Aubrey Ann Laughlin

Editor: Katarina Tavčar

Photo: Razvan Narcis Ticu/Unsplash

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Aubrey Ann Laughlin

Aubrey Ann Laughlin is a graduate student of comparative literature at San Jose State University. Her research focuses on the overlap between the fields of psychoanalysis (namely Jungian analysis), ancient Near Eastern literature and languages, mythology, queer studies, and feminist studies. Besides writing critical works, she is also a published poet and photographer, traveler, teacher, conference speaker, and singer/songwriter. Some of her lyrics, poetry, and published works can be found at Hummingbird Hymnal.