April 26, 2016

The 4 Secrets of Handstand.

Matt handstand

It seems like everywhere we look these days someone is doing a handstand.

Some people feel the social media yoga display is not real yoga. Others are finding it super inspiring.

Regardless of our standpoint, it’s hard to deny the potential of the human body.

Handstand seems to be at the forefront of “look what my body is capable of” and thus is creating a strong desire in the masses to do what seems clearly easy for everyone else.

Four years ago I started teaching monthly handstand workshops that consistently sold out. It became apparent that there was a growing demand. Before I knew it, I had multiple private sessions, weekly workshop series and began traveling the U.S. to teach just one pose.

Over the course of teaching handstands, I began to notice that there are some basic key points or ingredients that make up a balanced handstand.

My mind began systematizing and distilling down the essence of what is required to hold the illusive pose. What really blocks humans from handstand is actually quite simple—body awareness.

In my observation, many people are loving yoga because they are for the first time becoming aware of the body they have been living in all this time. Handstand takes this awareness to the next level. My mission as a yoga teacher is to help people become deeply aware of their bones, muscles and gravity and how these things interact to create depth and ease or pain and struggle.

In alignment with my intention to help people body proprioception (knowing where your body is in space) and connect to their potential in their physical form, I created a video that reveals the areas of the body to focus on in order to find ease and freedom when working toward handstand.

The Four Secrets of Handstand.


The Magical, Flexing, Element that Keeps us Balanced in Yoga.

Author: Matt Giordano

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: Instagram/@theyogimatt

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