April 9, 2016

The Magic Number, Color, Energy & Meaning Behind Each Day of the Week.


The Romans and Greeks named the days of the weeks after their Gods that were associated with planets (or other luminaries, e.g., the sun or moon) that were visible to the naked eye and regent during the first hour of each of the seven days.

We may notice that each day of the week has a certain “feel” to it. This feeling is the energetic vibration that radiates from the moon, the sun and the planets. Each day also has strong correlations to specific colors, stones or crystals and emotions.

Monday: Moon’s Day

Monday’s element is water and the day is associated with the Moon so it is full of illumination, imagination, magic and mystery. Due to the moon’s influence we may feel calm and passive and as our shadow side will be in play we will generally feel far more moody, sensitive, romantic, intuitive, insightful, peaceful and emotional. Monday is also known for the colors silver, cream, white and blue so wearing fabrics or jewelry connected to the colors of the Moon will enhance any qualities that relate to this day. We can also be aware of the moon phases to align and flow with the energy. Silver jewelry with moonstone or pearl helps us to absorb the Moon’s grace and wisdom. The magical number for Monday is two, which is associated with the Moon and Mondays.

Tuesday: Tiu’s Day

Tuesday’s element is fire and the day correlates with Mars, who is the God of War, so it is associated with our warrior side. The colors associated to Tuesday are red, orange and black. We may feel more impulsive, passionate, adventurous, productive, competitive, energetic, strong, courageous, rebellious, defensive and protective on Tuesdays. We may also find we have a greater understanding of why we are here and what we still need to achieve. This is the day for starting new projects and having the discipline, conviction and determination to see them through. The crystals that relate to Mars are Red Jasper and Amber to increase energy levels, bring stability and enhance courage. The magical number for Tuesday is nine, which is associated with both Mars and Tuesday.


Wednesday: Woden’s Day

Wednesday’s element is earth and the day is associated with the planet Mercury so it is the best day of the week for travel and communication. The colors for Wednesday are purple, blue and green. This is our most intellectual and creative day of the week so the best time to start any business or artistic projects. We should also remain aware and alert as Mercury is the fastest spinning planet so it will stir up emotions and provide us with mixed feelings, especially when the planet is in retrograde. It is also the day that we are likely to overthink or worry more. We can use Wednesday’s to catch up with emails, make phone calls we have been putting off and checking the details of contracts or paperwork. Emerald is the gemstone of Mercury and when carried with us, it can reduce any of the negative side effects related to this day and it also helps to calm our emotions and mental state. The magical number for Wednesday is five, which is associated with Mercury and three, which is connected to Wednesdays.

Thursday: Thor’s Day

Thursday’s element is fire and the day is connected to the planet Jupiter and is associated with the God of Thunder. It is a large planet that signifies good luck and fortune and it is full of optimistic and healing energy. The nature of Jupiter is a giving one, sending endless blessings, so we will benefit from focusing on our health and also on manifesting wealth, success and abundance. Jupiter is a knowledge force, so it is the perfect day to check on our finances or any business dealings. The colors associated with this day are purple, lilac and blue. Amethyst and other similar colored stones will enhance the qualities of the day. The magical number for Thursday is three, which is associated with both Jupiter and Thursday.


Friday: Freya’s or Frigga’s Day (Goddess of Love)

Friday’s element is air and the day relates to the planet Venus, which is the planet of radiance, beauty and love. It is the brightest visible planet in the sky, so it enhances pleasure, passion, sensuality and romance. The colors to pull out on this day to enhance our sensitivities are pink, blue and aqua. We can also carry a piece of rose quartz around with us as it opens our heart chakra and assists our ability to naturally be compassionate and send and receive unconditional love. This is the best day of the week for planning a night to be with close friends or loved ones and for showing kindness, appreciation and affection. The magical number for Friday is six, which is associated with both Venus and Friday.
Saturday: Saturn’s Day

Saturday’s element is earth and the day is all about the planet Saturn, the God of Karma, so it is associated with cleansing, banishing and releasing negativity or anything that is no longer serving us, and is also connected to protection. We may be feeling more serious on Saturday’s and focused on our responsibilities, although we should be wary that we do not become too obsessed or addicted to our passions or interests. Putting healthy boundaries in place and focusing on letting go of attachments are both beneficial on this day. It is the best day of the week for cleaning or for catching up on jobs that have been left undone. Black, brown, green and purple are the colors. The gemstone connected to Saturn is Turquoise. Hematite is a crystal that can be used for protection and it also wards off any negativity. The magical number for Saturday is eight, which is associated with Saturn and three, which relates to Saturday.


Sunday: Sun’s Day

Sunday’s element is fire and the day is related to the sun, which is the star that is the closest to Earth and the brightest object in the sky. The colors strongly associated with this day are gold, orange and yellow. It is the ideal day to bask in warm, glowing energy by spending time feeling illuminated surrounded by family and friends and cooking nourishing food while recuperating and relaxing. The sun is the most powerful part of our solar system, all the planets rotate around it, and we can take meaning from this and prioritize the people most important to us on this day. Ruby is the gemstone of the sun, and it is considered to be one of the most valuable stones, again, signifying the importance of valuing and appreciating our relationships, family and friends. The magical numbers for Sunday are one, which is associated with the sun and numbers one through four, which are connected with Sundays.

When we live in alignment with the energetic vibrations of each day we will naturally maximize the highest possibility and full potential that the elements of each of the planets and the luminaries offer us.




Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

Images: Flickr/Jeffrey

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