April 15, 2016

To the Man Who Broke My Best Friend’s Heart.

Woman, field, walking away

I hope you know, how good you could have had it.

You broke her beautiful and loving heart.

I am going to try and assume the best of you, so I choose to believe that maybe you just didn’t know her like I do.

I thought I would take the time to tell you about the beautiful and amazing woman who you so carelessly allowed to slip through your fingers.

You let go of a woman with a strong mind. And I’m sure you and I both know that is so hard to find. She is not only smart, but she is driven—the kind of a woman that you just know without a doubt will make something of herself someday.

Maybe you didn’t appreciate her intelligence or honor her for everything she is. Maybe you focused more on the fact that she would frustrate you from time to time because she would challenge you.

Men all say that they want an intelligent woman, but the truth is, it takes a strong man to handle an intelligent woman. The little boys always find themselves frustrated when they find themselves challenged with wit and knowledge.

Maybe you couldn’t appreciate that beautiful mind of hers, but I know that she will find a man who will. She deserves a man who can pick her brain and a partner who has the intellectual capacity to challenge her as well—and I know that she will find that.

She is strong.

Maybe you couldn’t handle the challenge that is in her—the struggle that she can sometimes be. She is strong, willed and stubborn. So, maybe you where right to leave—because she will need a strong man to handle her. She deserves a man that is man enough to handle her.

She is beautiful.

I am sure you know this as you have built your relationship with her upon vain building blocks—not ever really taking the time to get to know any of the gorgeous things about her—aside from her outward beauty. But, I am afraid that you have overlooked the fact that her beauty is not merely skin deep. Not at all actually. She has the biggest heart, despite her incredibly sassy front. She is the kind of girl that would have climbed mountains for you. But I am glad that you saved her energy and stopped her before she could ascend too high.

You were lucky to have her—and I am afraid you don’t realize just how lucky. You caught something wild and rare. I hate that you hurt her, but what I hated more was seeing you crush her. I hated knowing that she was hurting because of your absolute stupidity. Your complete blindness to what you had standing right in front of you.

I hate what you have put her through, but I must also thank you.

Thank you for letting her go, because I believe that she may have naively settled for you.

And she deserves the best, and I knew that that wasn’t you.

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Author: Emily Cutshaw

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

Photo: Jean Gerber / Unsplash

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