May 27, 2016

10 Ways to Create Emotional Wellness through Daily Routine.

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I’m not sure about you, but I find that I really have to make an effort to create time to support good health.

Getting to the source of what obstructs certain aspects of our emotional health helps shed layers of identity (constructs of mind). When we provide ourselves with the space to let our deeper feelings and authentic nature see the light of day, we liberate their expression, which also frees us from the burden of possession.

Simple discipline will reinforce habits of ensuring we offer proper attention to ourselves as often as possible without interrupting our busy lives.

1. Sticking to a schedule.

When we carve out specific chunks of time in both our personal and professional lives, we can remain accountable to ourselves and others, allowing more opportunity for balance.

It’s important to have creative channels for stress management and plenty of time in our lives for ourselves, family, friends and career.

Sometimes routine helps us adhere to certain aspects of our lives that may otherwise require more motivation to adhere to.

2. Intuitively monitoring our diet and how our body reacts before, during and after consumption helps us determine what’s good for us and what’s not.

A relationship with my food reminds me of the connection we share with our planet. I think about the journey each ingredient has been on from the time it was born until the time it arrived to me.

Whole foods are much easier to imagine the life cycle of and how they’re passing their energy unto me—especially when it comes from the farmer’s market where there’s a genuine farm-to-table connection.

3. Get lots of sleep. 

Ensuring that we are relying on a regular sleep cycle with enough space for sufficient rest helps the body regenerate, heal and restore energy to our systems.

In between the time we finally unplug for the evening and go to bed is a great opportunity to read which has always proven very therapeutic for me right before I fall asleep.

I’ve learned to limit my distractions by minimizing hobbies and getting rid of the television.

4. Get outside!

I find that spending time outside helps me to enjoy the moment. I never need a specific reason to take a walk, a bike ride or a hike. Just doing it is key.

We marvel in the moments that make life so memorable because we’ve chosen to appreciate the isolation of presence. Through us our experience speaks—movement awakens our sense of awareness and sharpens our attention.

5. Listen and observe more, react and talk less.

This teaches us the value in distinguishing our thoughts from our emotions and maintaining the discipline to transmute the energy we’re confronted with from day to day with understanding, compassion and love.

For just one moment, listen to everything around you right now…how does that feel?

6. Remaining in a toxic environment will not likely improve one’s wellness.

This also holds true with regards to the safety of those who they love and support.

It requires stamina to overcome adversity. I’ve spent a lot of years drifting in the seas of change to arrive at calm waters and a sunny beach.

Gravitating to someplace where we can reorient ourselves and simply be will gradually restore our balance—it’s taken me several years to even begin experiencing a semblance of that fulfillment in my life, and I’m still in the woods.

Sometimes we’re simply meant to be someplace for a while as a catalyst for healthy change—healing, restoration and grounding. Then once we get more in tune with what we need, we also realize when the right time is to move on.

7. Spend time alone. 

Time alone grounds us to our reality where we can face our struggles and surrender to allowing more choices to arrive without us trying to control so much.

Committing to such a life we may see a lot of what was, crumble before us—no longer serving our needs.

8. Practice healthy self-talk.

This is learned over time through practice and affirmations, including writing.

Even when we slip up and retreat into ourselves or old habits, we simply create the space for healing expression to offer new insights into the source of why we mask our pain—why we choose not to face ourselves.

These periods will surely pass and we’ll find ourselves motivated once again by something that stirs our soul—it’s what we revert back to that counts and the more we practice affirmations, the more likely it will catch on when we’re feeling better.

9. Basic practices like meditation will help us gain clarity and peace.

A few moments can alter how we feel and so if we just express ourselves naturally for only a few breaths, we might find that relief and clarity to remember who we truly are.

10. Realization is a discipline in and of itself.

Learning to realize often helps us to wonder more and dream of a life we wish to live—the one we’ve only imagined until now.

We learn to find peace amidst the chaos—It’s the only way through, to love.




Author: Thayne Ulschmid

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Michael Hull/Unsplash 

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