May 16, 2016

7 Sacred Health Reasons we Should Talk to our Vegetables.


I grew up in India where everything is sacred—the land, the trees, the rivers—and of course, animals and vegetables.

As a child, I hung from trees and talked to them by day. I whispered poetry to huge boulders I lay on, whiling away hot afternoons. I rubbed my cheeks against necks of cows and ran my palms against rough hide of grazing goats. I sang to fire-burnished chameleons at dusk and pink camellias at dawn. I kissed each brown coriander seed before I buried it in the earth, in the small vegetable plot my mother set aside for me.

I grew up one with the sacredness of life—and now, in my northern California kitchen, I still feel the pulse of life with each vegetable I encounter.

I welcome each carrot on my chopping board. I talk to beetroots and smile at tomatoes—I hum and sing to cucumbers and radishes. I thank broccoli for its life energy. I imagine the fertile earth where each asparagus began. I see the hardworking hands that watered, nourished and harvested a row of strawberries—and the rays of sun, moon and starlight that help make asparagus green, succulent and tender.

I believe and know that with each thought, each wave of love and gratitude I send them, vegetables and fruits taste far more sweet, juicy and yield more to me.

I have a relationship with them. Their circle of life completes on my plate—but they are the beginning and part of the circle of life I create each hour, each day. And so, I welcome their healthy aliveness into my saucepan. (And my belly!)

Do you talk, sing and hum to your vegetables? If you don’t, here are seven reasons you should:

1. Connection. When your life force connects with theirs, you get to have a relationship with them. Cooking and preparing won’t be a task or chore any more, but a joyful, playful connection with friends.

2. Taste love. When you send your vegetables love, they taste more delicious because they’re so happy to receive your heart. You’re not eating a thing, but a being. As they offer up their life, they offer you their heart. And so you eat love. What better way to nourish your body?

3. Raise the vibration of your food (and your body). Matter is energy, which is a form of love. When you acknowledge each vegetable’s essence of love you raise its vibration and that of your body when you eat it.

4. Join in the circle of life. You’re not alone—you’re one with creation. Talking with your vegetables is a way to celebrate and participate in the oneness of creation. Allow yourself to feel and open to the beautiful spirits of vegetables in your kitchen.

5. Fun—it’s just plain fun. If you’ve never talked with a cauliflower, a string bean or a cantaloupe, just try it. You may never stop talking to them!

6. Connect with vegetable devas. Each vegetable has a presiding deva (nature spirit). The Findhorn folks consulted with them about gardening. Vegetable devas are waiting for humans beings to reach out to them, and you can cultivate your own relationship with in your kitchen. Believe me, they will soon be guiding you to the best produce in your area.

7. Develop your intuition and psychic gifts. If you’re a sensitive, you might hear what vegetables have to say. They might start guiding and talking back to you. And who knows what messages they have in store for you?

How do you talk to vegetables? I’d love to hear.


Author: Mytrae Meliana

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Unsplash/Webvilla

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