May 19, 2016

Are We Forgetting about our Energetic Hygiene?

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Are You Properly Clearing Out Your Energy Field?

Okay, that may be a weird question, because there is a good chance you’re thinking one of three things:

I have an energy field?
I’m supposed to clean it?
This doesn’t make sense

And really, those are all normal responses to being asked such a question.

However, I would like you to consider that this might also be the most important question you have ever been asked.

So, let me ask you again. “Do you think you are properly clearing out your energy field?”

Here is why I ask this important question:

As an energy healer, I have the privilege of sensing many different people’s energy fields each week; we each have an extensive, complicated, dynamic energy field, made of multiple layers around our bodies.

This energy field stores information from this and past lives.

When there has been pain, trauma and even the ordinary ups and downs of disappointment, frustration and human living, the energy field gets damaged.

Little gaps form, which drains our life force, and at the same time, big, congested blocks of energy build up in our bodies, chakras and the field itself.

I think most of us know this intuitively.

We all know the feeling of being blocked, stuck, exhausted or drained, like we “just don’t have the energy.”

And on an energetic level this is true. We don’t have the energy because a) it’s draining out of the leaks in the field, and b) life force can’t move through the entire system because congestion is blocking it.

That is why energetic hygiene is so important.

As more people are introduced to the concept of working effectively with their own energetic systems, it is going to change the way we as humans relate to our bodies, minds and spirits and explore our options for caring for our health.

Many of us are already engaging in energy healing modalities without even knowing we are doing energy work. If we are doing yoga, tai chi, qi gong, meditation or Reiki—or anything like this—we are doing energy work.

Even if we’re going for therapy or doing a lot of reading and self-awareness work, we’re shifting things on an energetic level.

However, if we aren’t moving the congested energy all the way out of our field, to be dissolved back into neutral energy (the original compost system of the universe), then we might be finding ourselves more stuck and exhausted—and really confused.

I often see clients who do a lot of yoga or self-awareness work, perhaps engaging in such activities for a long time, and their systems are incredibly clogged up.

Essentially, they have brought all the yucky stuff in the subconscious up to the surface, so that it is sitting in the energy field, at the edge of the body, but hasn’t cleared all the way out of the system.

And therefore, they experience the physical, mental and emotional outcome of feeling stuck, weighted down and drained.

Energetic hygiene can help this, and we can easily incorporate it into our entire day.

Energetic hygiene takes intention, visualization and a willingness to step out of the cognitive trap of having to be mentally sure everything is true and certain—instead coming into our sensing experience and trusting.

To practice it, we notice where we feel blocked by sensing where we feel heavy or dark in our body or energetic system, and then we visualize it clearing all the way out of our system back into neutral energy.

The visualization isn’t as important as the intention.

We can use the visualization of seeing the energy as light, clouds, shadows or swirls, or simply think the words “congested energy.”

We can pull the congested or negative energy out of our systems with a visualization of a vacuum cleaner, hands or sunshine—it doesn’t matter.

What’s important is that we transmute the energy back into light or air or blank energy.

We all have mysterious things happening in our physical systems. This is pain, illness or discomfort that we can’t explain, and which often doctors can’t explain either.

Energetic clearing is an empowering way to take responsibility for our own health and energetic wellness.

This practice stems from a willingness to come out of the mental, cognitive experience of daily life and enter into a vibrational, sensory experience, shifting from feeling blocked and tight to open and available to heal.


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Author: Ruth Lera

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Hieu Le/Unsplash


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