May 9, 2016

You won’t Get a Nice Guy—But you will get a Good Man.

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“A good man will want you to shine. He wants you to be your amazing self. A good man loves to show off his happy, intelligent, amazing, powerful woman.” ~ Anastasia Netri


My beautiful, wild woman: you won’t ever get that Mr. Nice Guy you’ve heard so much about, because for you he just wouldn’t have been enough anyway, but I do promise that you will get a good man.

You are a mix of moonshine and lemonade—sweet on the lips, but sometimes hard on the heart. You spin stories with each sway of your luscious hips, and your feet—bare and dusty from walking in the messy realness of life—always seem to move forward regardless of what obstacles lay in your way.

Maybe you are a goddess—but you are a warrior too.

You are the kind of woman that tales are told about, spun over campfires, raging shadows being cast against too many empty whiskey bottles, as young men quietly wonder how they would ever be able to handle a spirit like you—yet secretly praying they find you all the same.

You were never meant for the nice guy—because deep down you know that you would do nothing but chew him up and spit him out over his complacency and over eagerness to please you.

His agreeability would have wound its way into your soft skin, as the deepest of thorns, causing you nothing but irritating pain.

However, there isn’t anything wrong with you that you couldn’t ever be happy with a nice guy—it’s the fault of disillusioned society for making women believe that we all require the same thing to be delighted by love. The bitter belief that we all need to be led with a silver spoon in our mouths, and a patted atop our heads, in order to find love and satisfaction in our life.

Because for a woman like you, the last thing you ever need a man to do is patronize your wildness.

There isn’t anything wrong with craving fire, nor are you erroneous for knowing that the love you seek in this lifetime does exist even if it hasn’t found you yet.

Perhaps one day soon, you will meet him.

And this man will come into your life more wild than a September hurricane, except when you’re standing next to him and time stops, leaving you motionless unable to do anything except kiss him again and again growing intoxicated off his lips that taste like freedom and honeysuckle.

This man won’t appease you in the way the nice guy always tried to—he won’t strive to say or do the right thing all of the time—and in fact, he will live just as unapologetically as you dream and in just as vibrant of colors. He will never express regret for being the man he is or for the sometimes rough winds of change that follow him in this life.

This man might be a warrior, or more likely—he’ll just be a good man who happened to fall in love with a wild woman.

Your good man won’t bite his tongue to save you pain, but your heart will break just a little bit more watching him and the actions of his heart that improve and bless the lives of all of those around him.

The truth is that a nice guy wouldn’t even know what to do with you, darlin’—and that’s why you’ll never get him, but what you do get will be so much better than you can even imagine.

This good man is going to be able to give you exactly what you’ve always needed but never knew you wanted. He’s going to be able to handle your storms, and he will stand tall in your presence knowing that while others may see the unattainable, he only sees your sunshine and warmth.

He will look at you and not see you for the woman that you think you should be but for the woman that you actually are—scars and all. Yet he’s not going to look at those marks as imperfections, because for him they are just more reasons he loves you.

It’s those marks that the world can’t see, but that you still choose to bare to him in honesty and hope, that will let him know he has a piece of you that no one else does—or ever will. It’s those parts you hold sacred that will make him fall in love with you just a little bit deeper and will have him wanting to protect you as best he can.

Not that you can’t take care of yourself—because we both know you can—but no matter who we are, we all need to be taken care of sometimes.

It won’t be one-sided though, because you’re going to love this good man so hard it will leave him a little breathless at times—he might even have a hard time believing that it’s real.

Don’t worry though, he won’t stay away from you for very long—just enough time to think about what life would be like without you, and soon he’ll realize that while you may drive him crazy at times, he doesn’t want anyone else doing that but you.

You will have met your match my wild woman with a soft heart, and I know that it will be scary at first, because you’re going to think that he is like all the rest—that eventually he will leave, the broken promises leaving ashes in his wake.

But one day you’ll realize that no matter how far you pushed your good man away—he never really stayed away for good.

You don’t need a nice guy—you need a good man.

A good man with a strong heart and tender hands—someone who won’t mind holding onto you over the bumps that sometimes happen in this life, because this man will be the only man to know exactly what to do with a woman like you.




Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Pixabay

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