August 11, 2016

How Leading a Normal Life Brings Good to the World.

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“I am unable to express with words how important people with the “untouched/good” lives are to those of us who have been traumatized and suffer the everlasting effects of it. [They] are an integral and vital part in the healing for others! ‘In the middle of a storm, flowers bloom,’ is beautiful and a reminder.” ~ Leslie Wargo


My husband and I recently saw a movie about of a convent of nuns in Poland who had been ravaged, raped and murdered by conquering Russian soldiers during WWII.

The assaults went on for four or five days, during which time all of the nuns were brutally assaulted, with 20 killed and five ending up pregnant.

It was a gripping tale told in as sparse and tight a script as the sparse background demanded. It was also, however, a treatise on pride, fear, courage, and the ways in which people struggle to overcome horrific trauma. The nun’s struggles brought to my mind how many people have undergone such events in their lives.

The movie stayed with me overnight, and upon waking in the morning, I had an inspired thought about those of us who have not suffered in the way the nuns had.

We who have not been broken or violated, bombed or used and tossed away, must take care of our hearts. Not for our own hearts’ sakes. But for the sake of others who are struggling for survival and need to know that “in the middle of a storm, flowers bloom.”

I myself have had an easy life. No one has ever raised a hand to me. I have always had a pillow under my head and enough food to eat. I have never even witnessed violence first hand, let alone experienced it myself. It is fair to say that such a life is one that many aspire to—a life filled with peacefulness, quietude, joy, creativity, home, learning.

I have always wondered, why me? Why was I this fortunate? Why have I never had bombs fall on me or even had the land wash out from under my home?

Following the movie about the nuns, however, I knew a little more of the answer to those questions: because I have been called to witness and to be strong enough to respond when called upon.

At first it sounded easy.

But then I realized that for me to live up to my call, I have a responsibility to preserve, protect, and nurture this heart of mine that has not suffered in the way that the hearts of so many others have. I must do what I can to assure that it is big enough and strong enough to embrace the suffering of others.

The mere fact of there being someone, somewhere, who leads such a “good life,” a life free of trauma, war and hate, is essential for providing hope to those who are bereft and do not have the same things.

I have an obligation to live that kind of life, not only for my own sake, but for others as well.


You are important in this world, and your positive presence makes each day a little brighter. Living in such a large world can make us feel small, and sometimes meaningless. Without you, the world would not be the same. This idea can be tough for some of us to grasp, so let it sit and resonate with you for a little. You matter, and we need all that you have to give to make this world the best it can be.”  ~ Michelle Maros


Author: Carmelene Siani

Image: Katie Zilcosky/FlickrChad K/Flickr

Editor: Catherine Monkman

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