September 13, 2016

How to detoxify, relax…& heal. With my friend Aaron William Perry & his new book!

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*Support Aaron Perry’s kickstarter. Aaron is an old buddy of Waylon’s and he’s doing super cool work to make the planet a better place. Please check out his project.

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

“You know this notion of humility which I think goes with gratitude is an interesting word. I went to a Catholic high school with the Jesuits—very grateful for some wonderful Jesuit educators in my life—and so I learned some Latin, took a few years of Latin, and was really interested to discover this word humility comes from this root “hum” and it’s the same root we get the word human from…so human, humor, humility are somehow related, and it’s the same root that we get the word humus which is soil, Latin for soil, so we are very much in this adventure together on Earth.”

“So soil, humility or humbleness and humor are all from the same root…”

“As the word human.”

“Right, yes.”

Just a few of the inspiring things that were said during Waylon and Aaron’s conversation:

“Your life is in balance if you can afford to nap.” ~ Dave Rogers

“We live in a time of incredible power, right? We are utilizing so much energy day-to-day and we have access to so much information. I mean, kings couldn’t have dreamt of this a few hundred years ago. And it means we also have so much agency and ultimately choice to create the lives that we want to create, to create the culture we want to create. We’re creating culture right now, the whole bunch of us. And to me, that’s incredibly encouraging. If we slow down a bit and just think a bit about—what do we really want to create together? ‘Cause guess what: we live in a time of an incredible, very special point in human history where we really do have agency on a scale, and cultural creativity capacity on a scale, that was not imaginable a few generations ago.” ~ Aaron Perry

“Liberals don’t own environmentalism and Conservatives don’t own prayer.” ~ Aaron Perry

“What we’ve kind of experienced and uncovered looking through the veil of popular consumer culture is that we probably each have a need or opportunity to heal, for whatever reason it might be. Our planet, certainly, has a lot of need to heal. The more we can heal our planet, the more we choose to heal our planet, the more we end up getting healed in return.” ~ Aaron Perry


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