September 23, 2016

What Really Happens when we Experience Synchronicity.

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We’ve all had that experience of synchronicity arising.

You know, that moment that feels like it was just meant to be.

Often when this happens we find ourselves saying out loud, “I guess that is what “The Universe” wanted for me.”

This opening up to the messages of the universe is a beautiful thing. However, it’s important to recognize that much more is happening in these moments (and actually all the time) than just the “universe providing.”

As long as we think the universe is something separate from our own being that can provide or take away, we are missing the point.

Most of us are familiar with this sense of everything being connected. We know that if there were no trees, we wouldn’t be able to breathe—that when water is polluted in one area of the world, this pollution travels to other locations.

But are we willing to take this truth of interconnection a step further?

This sense of the connection between thinking about someone we want to talk to and having them call minutes later being part of a universal movement is the first step in opening up our consciousness. The next step is being willing to see that these synchronistic situations aren’t simply the universe creating this experience. They can’t be, because the universe is not separate from us. Instead, it is our own being (which also happens to be the universe) creating this experience.

I know, confusing, huh?

But it doesn’t have to be confusing. If we are willing to take the time to contemplate the notion that we are connected to everything not just at the simple physical level of air and water, but also by the laws of the universe itself, then we can choose to believe that we are more then our bodies and our thoughts. We can understand that we are an energetic frequency responding to everything around us.

Our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and vibrations are in constant communication with life force energy.

What happens inside of ourselves also happens outside of ourselves.

However, this can often be difficult to accept, because a lot of what happens in human life is painful. We don’t want to believe that our own internal process has anything to do with our external experiences, because the thought that we have in some way created our own pain is hurtful.

But in my opinion, the sense that our lives are completely out of our control is even more painful.

All of existence is a great mystery. We don’t know the answer to why we are here, or what is going to happen. That is the truth. But if we just open our eyes, we can see that we are part of some great miracle. A simple glimpse at the sky, a tree, a baby or our own physical body can show us that.

If we open ourselves to this great mystery and start to become curious about how we are connected to the changing flow of it, we can learn a lot.

We can start to learn that our choices, attitudes, actions and energy have an effect on what happens during our day.

Do we have complete control of everything that happens?

Absolutely not.

Does the way we choose to react in our minds, bodies and energy change the outcome of situations that arise?

Well, only we can decide that for ourselves.

The beautiful thing is, if we accept the notion that we ourselves are the universe—that our personal energy is as powerful as the entire flow of life itself—then we can stand in our own power and wield it with love and care.

From this position of understanding that the universe isn’t providing, but rather responding to our own energetic actions, we can know that our intentions, words, thoughts and actions have meaning.

We can know that when we choose to spread love, it counts—even if it is as small an act as wishing someone well in our minds and hearts.

The universe isn’t punishing us.

The universe isn’t providing for us.

The universe is us, and everything in our surroundings reflects our own soul journey.

Challenges don’t tell us we have failed, they tell us we have things to learn about how to use our powerful, personal energy.

Yes, we get knocked down by these waves of lessons, but when we stand tall in the acknowledgement that we are the universe itself, it’s easier to rise back up and make an intentional choice of how to interact within this interconnected, great mystery we are so privileged to be a part of.


Author: Ruth Lera

Image: Courtesy of Editor

Editor: Toby Israel


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