October 29, 2016

Tears & Butterfly Vision: a Poem for those who feel Broken.

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“No matter what pain you’ve been through, tears will dry, broken hearts will heal and somewhere a person who truly cares is waiting for you.” ~ author unknown


We all get hurt—

we’ve all had
our hearts broken,
we all get closed off in some way,
we all falter in faith.
We sometimes give up in dismay
or end up unknowingly letting our
woundedness distort our today
lead the way or set the plot
narrative and stage.

It’s a tragedy—
all the ways we break
each other
and even ourselves
these days.

All the ways we misunderstand
each other
miss ourselves in others
miss ourselves in ourselves
miscontrue what is true
what is illusion
what is lack
what is abundance
who is worthy
when it’s too late
and too early.

All the ways we
mistake blue for black
mistake ourselves or others as small
right and wrong
or off track.

But that doesn’t mean
that being
left alone
as collateral damage
is what’s meant
for the beauty
that is the infinite
magnificence of you…

when the universe delivers
what you deserve to your door,
don’t convince yourself
it’s all the same as before
and close yourself off
because you truly deserve
what’s in store.

Suffering is an outdated
idea from before,
and it doesn’t have to be
the main storyline
for any of us anymore.

Make sure unshed tears
from the past
don’t come to distort
the vision of what’s possible
for the future
because the packages
our dreams come in
aren’t always what
we might have once
envisioned when our experiences
had us held captive and limited.

Don’t pretend you have to be small or
dream small
or that you’re not actually
worthy of having it all
because it didn’t work out
the last few rounds.
And don’t let the past
the broken wings
and unsaid things
change your
beautiful butterfly vision
or create
fear and indecision.

Open your arms and
unfurl your metaphorical wings,
so you can accept
all the amazing
gifts and things
the universe wishes to bring
because it wants nothing more
than to hear your heart sing.



Author: Amanda Dobby

Image:  Instagram @illusiveelise

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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