November 3, 2016

A Holy Companion in the Cosmic Play of Life. {Poem}

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From beyond the space of the breath,
From between the voids of thought,
Emerges the truth that wants to be heard
That needs its space to land.

For if you can, and are, able to see the reality of Love
You will understand the emergence of the beautiful light
That surrounds the grace and births the New Dawn.

While the healing happens in transition
And there is no time to rest,
The visions of you I had
I need to put behind.

For what we were, we are no longer,
yet the mysterious ploy,
The device of One love—
It has me in you as the Divine.

Memory moves us forward and brings forth
Regeneration, remembering and recognizing,
Healing old patterns and cultivating resonant grace.
Teachers of the Earth will guide you in this way.

Extracting poison are some ways of the Tara
Buddha’s Holy Companion in the Cosmic Play,
Resting in the balance of Truth
Is like sitting on a flower
for a bee.
For it knows that it is working
and it simultaneously knows that it’s free.

While the energy collectively moves
And is shaken and stirred by you,
The wisdom of what remains is that there is no me and you.

We are one, and in the mystery of this time
and space of the initiating
Changes, shifts and transformations for the benefit of All,
In the Spirit of harmony, trusting our own heart
That reverberates in your bones and in mine.

For while there is no need to sing the bones in this way,
The Earth knows the Truth and so does my Heart.
I send back for transformation
the outdated ways,
The Earth transmutes it all in her belly’s grace.

Only for those who hold the key
Many things will reveal,
the way of the land is the way to live.
You understand the streams, the flowers and the trees
You understand my heart and that’s where I want to be.

The space is beautiful because of what you bring;
I always knew it was so and played along like this.

For what we share is eternal and no one will take it away;
True love lasts forever and that is the only way.

The light fills the body,
The body has its time, so learn to treat each other in the way of the High.
Within all living things there is a desire to sustain
The pulsation of love’s natural breath.

The cyclical nature of Earth teaches us
that all that is born eventually must die.

So we all pray with humility for a grander sustainability
of the wisdom of the ancestors and our holy ways.

We want to see the Blood of this Earth
to be given respect for the teachings are many
More than you and I can tell.

In the Way of One Love,
Incomprehensible wisdom, integrated into cells,
Transforming the collective—
We all will find each other beyond the validation
And victimization.


Author: Karma Sonam Wangmo PhD

Images: YouTube Still

Editor: Travis May

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