November 9, 2016

An Election Night Offering: Choose to Pause.

Courtesy of author, Lorna bennet

Like so many of you, I was grateful to vote on Tuesday.

Grateful to have the right to vote, as a woman. Grateful to vote for a woman, as a woman. Grateful to witness my two daughters excitedly anticipating our country’s first female president. And grateful for my son never knowing anything but strong females in his eight years of life.

I needed to prop gratitude up with chocolate and tequila (then more chocolate and tequila) as I watched the results unfold. This was not the way things were supposed to go.

I started to get pissed. And then I got scared.

This is not the change I desired. F*ck.

As I sit here, watching the ongoing news commentary as history unfolds, I am reminded that, as always, change is the only constant in life. Real transformation has nothing to do with anything “out there,” and (true) freedom does not hinge on the outcome of an election.

Today is a day that we Americans celebrate our right to choose.

Let’s keep choosing, people.

We can stay pissed. Or, we can choose to be passionate.

We can stay fearful. Or, we can choose to be curious.

We can stay overwhelmed. Or, we can choose to create.

We can stay in suffering. Or, we can choose to live in love.

Feel whatever wave of emotions you feel tonight. Ride those out! And then choose:

How will you be what you desire?

Not him. Not her. You.

Choose to feel all the strong feelings.

Choose to notice the space between them.

Choose to notice you can notice.

Choose to pause.

Choose to breathe.

Choose to notice what is okay.

Choose to notice one good thing in this moment.

Choose to feel grateful for this breath.

Choose to claim your power.

And choose to trust.

Trust passion, even when it presents as anger. Trust curiosity, even when it first appears as fear. Trust creation, as it emerges from overwhelming darkness. Trust love, as the antidote to all suffering.

We can resist all of the suffering before us right now. Or, we can get really big and hold space for it all. And then, standing in our bigness, we can offer back to suffering our highest Intentions:







And, in doing so, we can find transformation.

We all have the power to transform suffering, but only if we first transform our own.

We all get to keep choosing our responses after this election day in our country. Choosing is freedom. And freedom is an inside-job.

Choose mindfully. Choose with intention.


Author: Lorna Bennett Samatas

Image: Author’s Own

Editor: Toby Israel


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