November 9, 2016

Believe. {A Poem for Grief}

When you wake up in the morning    
and feel like it’s the end of the world,

When you start your day with a tear for humanity,
and wonder what our human race is doing,

When you realize that the biggest threat to earth
is ignorant people,

When freedom is smashed under the wheels of alleged justice
and equal rights suddenly flee,

When you see the world taking one hundred steps forward
then sadly go a million backward,
keep moving forward,

When you are terrified for your life,
for your ethics, your gender,
when you are worried for your children,
for your nationality, your religion,

When walls are being built,
abolish them with your own mind, and

When people speak evil,
get up and speak good.
When oblivious people put a blindfold over their eyes,
get up and make sure to keep your eyes wide open.

When fear strikes your inner world,
frost yourself with strength, and

When others make mistakes,
forgive them,
and learn.
Educate your children not to make the same mistakes,
and to believe.

When you feel like there’s no point in fighting,
get up—and by all means,
Fight hard,
believe harder.

Remove tears from your face,
and know there is still good in the world.
It’s in you,
in me,
and it’s the time to let it shine.

Use your suffering now as a steppingstone
to genuine greatness.
Forget how others define “greatness,” and
tint a new meaning for it.

Grab your empty canvas,
paint it the way you wish,
the way you wish to see it.
And although it looks as if there’s no tomorrow,
know there is,
and believe it will be a good one.

Mend your broken heart,
pick up your shattered expectations, and

When the world feels like it’s turning into a nightmare,
get up and make it a dream.

Forget how others will change the world.
Start the change you wish to see,
and inspire it in others.
Believe that you can.

Believe that you have won.
Believe that you have power,
for the people with the power of love
overcome the people with the love for power.

and hope
that it will pass,


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Author: Elyane Youssef

Image: @walkthetalkshow on Instagram

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

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