November 15, 2016

Leo DiCaprio’s Climate Change Documentary is both Devastating & Compelling.

before the flood screenshot

I love Leo DiCaprio.

I listen to him when he speaks. If there is a movie with him in it, I watch it. I respect his love for animals, and I admire his determination to steer the world’s collective consciousness toward peace. I would vote for Leo to lead the new world. In my opinion, the new world order needs a young entrepreneur’s magnetism, inspiration and shine.

Perhaps this is why I was left half empty after watching Before The Flood.

It’s a story in the first person, through the eyes of his privileged role as a UN Ambassador of peace, that begins with an artist’s apocalyptic scene hanging above his baby crib, and follows his journey of political consciousness that he acquired though the opportunities granted by fame, to unveil the reality of climate change. It’s a journey well-documented, powerful and depressing. It is an ugly discovery of humanity’s unawareness and destructive nature.

And it is all true.

Now what? Where do we go from here?

It’s a chaotic film that, though it provokes fear, is meant to awaken us. In the last scene, it is an astronaut who tells us that there is hope. He has been to outer space, he knows all the science, and he is now looking at life and death through the face of illness. Nature, as always and in his case, might shake us up, but the earth? The earth can be saved. We just need to cool it down. 

I was left with a sensation of hope and inspiration for the future, but half of me was empty. Where was the deep analysis of this situation, the debate, the perspective? Where are the solutions?

I feel like asking Leo the same question that he asked the professor who proposes to implement a carbon tax. This professor has been at the center of economic proposals at the presidential table, and besides how successful his model appears to be, no implementation of this strategy has been set in motion, and Leo asks him why.

Leo, we have seen you passionate about climate change throughout your career—you have talked about it to your leaders since you were a boy—so, why do you think they are still talking about a problem, instead of implementing the solutions?

I certainly hope your next story tells us all about those who are building a Noah’s Arc to save the next generation.

Watch the trailer:


You can rent or buy the full movie, here.
Interestingly enough, shortly after writing, Leo posted some solutions. That is what I call synchronicity. And I must say, if synchronicity exists, the universe must have a bigger plan.


Author: Yesica Pineda

Image: Youtube

Editor: Catherine Monkman

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