December 11, 2016

Full Super Moon in Gemini: What is Meant for Us will Always Choose Us.

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Whether Astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


“You will get there when you are meant to get there and not one moment sooner. So relax, breathe and be patient.” ~ Unknown


On Tuesday December 13th, there will be a full super moon in the transitional sign of Gemini.

This last super moon is the final in a series of three that have been meant to push things just one step further so that staying where we were in our lives becomes impossible.

The only choice we have is to step into the realm of the unknown.

Gemini is the sign of the twins, a sign that relishes in and lives within the forces of change. This intoxicating and powerful energy will be heightening our senses within the next week, giving us the confidence to take our lives to the next step.

Oftentimes, change comes when it’s least expected.

It sneaks in under the guise of the impossible, smelling like fresh rosemary and reminding us that things happen not when we want them to—but when they are meant to.

For so many, it seems that this year was about experiencing life in a way that seemed chaotic—yet now as we look back upon it, we can see that there was a divine order in the way that everything played out. If we have been working as close to our soul’s purpose as we have been able to attune to and staying patient, then we might finally be in a place to see the greater meaning to the events that we have experienced this year.

Each year there are general themes we are asked to consider and work through, and for this year, it has been connecting with our true essence and making choices that are based in our own radiating truth. It has been about connecting to our soul, and learning that those choices that we feel we should make seldom are the ones that we truly desire.

To separate these two aspects of life and find a common ground can be the most difficult work we will do—yet, it’s also impossible if we don’t try.

Gemini loves freedom—and if we are all honest, so do we.

But in this life, freedom comes in many forms, and often at the expense of leaving behind the worn shells of the mundane.

This moon has both components of Gemini—the freedom seeker and the catalyst of change. Coupled together, this lunar event has the potential to rock our lives to their very core and drown anything in the process that our souls have outgrown or found unnecessary.

It’s interesting how easy it is to live a life based in half-truths and the desire to please others. Yet, this is also not a sustainable way of living, because sooner or later—whether we want to or not—our own rumblings will begin to swim to the surface until we realize that all along we had drifted in the pull of a current and ended up far away from our truest selves.

And it’s then that we have a choice—the choice to just keep mindlessly drifting, or instead to decide that this is not how our life will play out.

We’ve had moments of clarity and shadows of doubt creep in and set us back this year. We’ve experienced heartbreak and those moments of found love. In between it all, we’ve been asked to discover and define who we truly are.

As if that wasn’t enough, we know that even more change is going to come—and even if we can’t pinpoint it, we can feel it almost like those first few winds of a new season.

We can sense that something is on its way.

With perfect synchronicity, this moon will be glowing bright enough to help light the way from where we’ve only existed to the place where we will thrive.

But it comes at a cost—to leave behind the lies we’ve told ourselves so that we could remain comfortable with what we had been told we were supposed to accept.

We have to abandon our entire way of relating to the world, and only then will we be able to step into the newness and the feeling of fluidity that comes from when we stop fighting so hard against what comes so naturally.

And this has been in the works for some time. Perhaps our souls even signed up for this work before we came to earth for this lifetime. But all along, we had to just simply not know where we were going, but we kept the faith that we were heading in the right direction.

Sometimes walking in the right direction is painful, but that doesn’t mean that we have erred. It only means that perhaps we needed a lesson so that we would be in the place to welcome what awaits us on the other side.

The only thing we can really do for this last super moon of a mind-boggling year is to expect the unexpected—to be willing to be blind to the sights, and instead open our hearts to the journey of feeling.

The decision to just let be, knowing that what is meant to be will always come.

The work for this year is done, the lessons have been learned, and it seems we are beginning to accept the life that is meant for us.

But Gemini doesn’t do anything halfway, and so she just wants to make sure that this year, we end it where we are all supposed to—in love, and free to be who we are.


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Author: Kate Rose

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