December 23, 2016

Practical Tips for a Magical Solstice, a Conscious Christmas & a Powerful 2017.

I love this time of year!

Last year I was so passionate about getting 2016 off to the right start and creating my new life from the depth of my inner well that I had recently discovered, that I spent Christmas alone and tuned within to find its true meaning.

As I found my way through, I found it to be a rebirth and a time of conception—the time of my inner queen to take sovereignty of her inner kingdom and decide how she wanted to rule over it.

The magic of Winter Solstice (Wednesday 21st, December 2016) can be found in nature, as always. As you may well know, it is the shortest day of the year in which the sun is “reborn,” as from this point onward the days get longer and longer. See the connection with the birth of Jesus?

If the whole wheel of the year was condensed into a day, then the Winter Solstice would be at midnight—the point at which the new day starts to come. It is the “space between the ending and the beginning—a still point which contains not the absence but the presence of life.” It’s when we begin dreaming of what’s being newly created and its conception.

Here are some tips that can be useful and enlivening as we move through the holiday season:

>> We can embody and appreciate the magic of the solstice by honouring the space between the ending and the beginning, dreaming in the new, finding the light within and reflecting on what we are birthing and conceiving right now.

>> We can create intentionally in the space that has been created after all that has departed. If we don’t, then it will fill up with things that we don’t consciously intend. Nature fills a vacuum. Let’s make the vacuum a sacred home furnished with the most beautiful inner treasures to bring forth a bountiful harvest in the new year to come.

>> Remember that presents can = presence. And the greatest gifts and treasures are found within. The greatest gift that we can give to others is true and deep connection through listening wholeheartedly with all of our being to what they have to gift to us, without distraction, interruption or judgement—and without reloading the whole time with what we are going to say next.

>> The more we can be resourced from our inner well over Christmas, the more we can overflow and share with others. The more we can claim pockets of time for ourselves, the more we can give to others more wholeheartedly.

>> Looking for something small or simple to add to your Christmas list? Why not get some palo santo or sage—super cheap items that we can use to clear our spaces over the holiday period to make ready for the new year and create sacred space. I use palo santo for clearing spaces and old energy and sage when making or saying prayers.

>> If (or perhaps, when) we get triggered over the potentially intense Christmas period, then we can try to take some time to use the following special alchemical process to honour and process what has come up for us. Or, if we are unable to at the time, we can note it down and create space for this later:

Step 1: Welcome whatever is happening with loving-kindness. Show up for it with listening ears.

Step 2: Feel what it brings up for you—let emotion flow and move.

Step 3: Ask yourself if you need honouring for this pain or if you need someone to hear you out.

Step 4: Treasure hunt for the gift in the challenge. What needs are there that the feelings are alerting you to?

Step 5: Identify action steps to meet the needs and embody your insights.

Step 6: Celebrate (ideally with movement to solidify your intention—dance!) and burn off the waste, release.

In doing this we can squeeze the last bits of wisdom out of the challenges of 2016, aid our process of wrapping up the year, uproot the old and clear some of the debris of 2016 and earlier—to create space for the new. We can resource ourselves through such tools throughout the holiday period.

Let’s celebrate ourselves (and others) as much as we can over the Christmas period. At a time for rest and reflection, we can note down the treasures from the past year that we can celebrate in our journal or “treasure chest” as I like to call it and dance our celebration dance as much as we can—dedicating it to ourselves and all that we have overcome or brought into being! It is a great time to create, in any way we feel to. And a perfect time to give ourselves a break. We can share our celebrations and gratitude with, and also dedicate them to, others—the true spirit of Christmas.

Go gluttonous for everything that nurtures our mind, body and soul (and inner child). Make time for play. Time to follow the cravings of our soul. And get drunk on that elixir—whatever it is that we need on our quest over the threshold of 2017 in order to embody our true potential and bring our most powerful intentions into being.

What is yours?

Ultimately let’s resolve to be conscious, celebratory and connected to ourselves (and therefore to others).

Solstice Blessings to you!


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Author: Louisa Lamorna Phillips

Image: Pixabay

Editor: Travis May

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