The Roots and the Rise of the Alt-Right & Religious Fundamentalism. {Audio Interview}

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In this episode of the Finding God in the Body podcast, I’m joined by Dr. David Otto. He is the chair of the religious studies department at Centenary College.

We begin with a discussion about what religious fundamentalism is, particularly within American Christianity, and go from there into the history of American fundamentalism and its role in politics.

But the majority of our conversation is spent on the role Christian fundamentalism played in propelling both Donald Trump and the white nationalist movement known as the alt-right.

Our discussion was recorded on a hand-held device, so the audio isn’t perfect (first three to four minutes are choppyish), but what it lacks in sound quality it more than makes up for with content. Enjoy and please subscribe to the Finding God in the Body podcast.




Author: Benjamin Riggs

Photo: CBS/Video Still

Editor: Travis May

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About Benjamin Riggs

Ben Riggs is the author of Finding God in the Body: A Spiritual Path for the Modern West. He is also the director of the Refuge Meditation Group in Shreveport, LA and a teacher at Explore Yoga. Ben writes extensively about Buddhist and Christian spirituality on Elephant Journal, and his blog. Click here to listen to the Finding God in the Body Podcast. To keep up with all of his work follow him on Facebook or Twitter.


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