January 19, 2017

Best Cover of the Best Love Song Ever.

More like this: Khalid’s cover of “Fast Car” is Painfully Beautiful.

Tracy Chapman’s cover of “Stand By Me” brought me to Tears.

This Foo Fighters “Times Like These” mix is Everything we need Right Now.


This has been my favourite love song ever since I was a little girl.

My Dad played the original for me on a drive through the darkened bushland at night. I’d fallen asleep in the backseat and had a horrible dream. Once I’d woken up and calmed myself down, this song came through the speakers and struck a chord (ha!).

I was a nerd. Still am. I could speak before I could walk, and while I was still unable to crawl any direction other than backwards, I was flipping through books and magazines in my cot.

So, this beautiful song caught my little literary heart. A different look at the classic romantic tragedy we all know and (maybe) love, Dire Straits imagines a hopelessly infatuated, heartbroken Romeo and a distanced, guarded, deeply hurt Juliet simply not being able to make it work.

All the trappings of modern love are there. It reveals that though love is strong, it perhaps isn’t always enough. That life, as is its tradition, seems to exist to create a comedy of errors that can see two people who appear to be sent by the heavens to save each other, slowly spiral into an isolating abyss neither can escape from.

I’m not really selling it, I know.

But I remember listening to this song and thinking “it doesn’t have to be this way”.

And after you’re done with this video, watch This Cover of “Shallow” by a Young Girl Blew me Away to complete your listening adventure: This Cover of “Shallow” by a Young Girl Blew me Away.

Let this beautiful cover remind you what’s important in this insanely hurtful, cold, wildly beautiful world:


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