January 22, 2017

New Moon in Aquarius: The Time is right for a Rare Twin Flame Conjunction.


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On January 272017 the new moon will be in the constellation of Aquarius and at the same time there will be an Isis and Osiris conjunction.

It is an extremely rare celestial occurrence for Isis and Osiris to conjunct on a new moon and it signifies a vital and essential phase of our soul evolution and our relationship with our twin flame.

The electric and magnetic energies of lovers Isis and Osiris, who are both starseeds from the belt of Orion and Siruis, have been building for some time and anyone who is involved with a twin flame will have been feeling the strength and intensity of this brewing energy.

Isis (feminine/moon) and Osiris (masculine/sun) are two separate asteroids that represent the Egyptian twin flame energies. They are twins who were fathered by the Earth God, Geb, and born from the womb of Nut, the Egyptian Night Sky Goddess.

Isis and Osiris vibrated on a high frequency and were a loyal and highly respected power couple of their time who went on to become the queen and king of Egypt. However, their brother Set, who was a dark force, became extremely jealous of their relationship and of Osiris’ royal position, and he tried to destroy Osiris by sending him down the Nile River in a coffin.

As Isis was inherently connected to Osiris’ energy, she sensed what had happened and where Osiris’ body was and rescued him. When Set discovered this, he recaptured Osiris again, stole his energy and cut his body into many pieces.

The Egyptian myth explains how Isis was devoted, patient and trusting as she travelled the world over to search for her beloved Osiris’ fragmented pieces. She eventually located every piece, apart from his penis. As Isis is magical, she was able to put Osiris back together, mummify him and make a gold phallus so that they could have a child together.

The significance with Isis and the current twin flame energies is that she shows us the power and force of her feminine energy when she set her mind on retrieving, repairing and healing her loved one’s body and soul.

Many of us have become caught up in anger, frustration and desperation as we frantically attempt to piece together parts of our own, as well as our beloved’s, souls to try to make our union whole and flow fluidly—so as to complete a picture perfect image of what we imagine to be a divine masculine and feminine soul connection.

One difficulty of twin flame meetings is our belief that it is not our role to fix, repair or heal another person and we do not feel as though we should have to change who we are simply to satisfy another. Yet, Isis’ unconditional love for Osiris led her to sacrifice everything in her life and travel far and wide so that she could piece Osiris back together as she believed in her beloved and their universal, eternal love.

By looking closely at the Isis and Osiris dynamic we can learn profound lessons about twin flame connections.

The name Isis is derived from the Egyptian words “to be.” Simply being at peace in the present moment helped Isis have faith in her deep intuitive sense that her twin flame was everything she believed him to be and worthy of the personal journey, suffering and hardships she endured to keep their love alive.

One of the greatest tragedies that keeps twin flames apart is the constant debating and doubting whether or not this person is or isn’t a genuine soul connection, and this can cause us to become impulsive, irritable, impatient and demanding within the relationship.

Due to these sacred partnerships causing a variety of emotions to arise within us, we can find ourselves questioning whether the person we feel bonded to is someone we want to have as a permanent fixture in our lives, as they often bring extreme emotional turmoil.

As Isis and Osiris conjunct on the new moon, it is the perfect opportunity to discern what the mystery of our twin flame connection means.

It’s important to determine whether we have connected with the peaceful, loving energy of Osiris or whether there has been a twist and we have in fact connected with the soul energy of his vindictive brother Set, and we have fooled ourselves into thinking that we’ve met our twin flame.

Unless we are in tune with ourselves and trust our emotions and feelings, we will find it impossible to trust the motives of those around us. Therefore, we may find that we attract dysfunctional relationships rather than ones that compliment, nourish and balance our mind, body and soul.

This new moon is also a time to look at the abandonment wound that was painfully felt when Osiris was taken and Isis was left to pick up the pieces alone.

Every human being on the planet has a twin flame, although not everyone accepts theirs, especially if they aren’t aware of the concept. People can feel terrified about the strong bond felt between twin flames, particularly when the connection is intense without a romantic relationship taking place first.

One way to discern whether a person in our lives is a twin flame is to observe whether they constantly trigger and push us to reach a higher version of ourselves and they awaken emotions, feelings, beliefs and memories within us that we have tried to deny, reject or suppress.

We will also notice an overwhelmingly familiar feeling when we are in contact with our twin flame, as though we have always known them, or knew them from a past life, and there will be reoccurring sequences of de-ja-vu’s, serendipities and synchronicities.

It is common for the feminine aspect of a twin flame relationship to be far more intuitively tuned into the connection causing her to yearn for and chase the masculine twin in an attempt to communicate, gain some level of recognition or achieve commitment. Unfortunately though, this can put immense pressure on the masculine, causing him to drift away.

During this new moon, Isis is asking us to trust our instincts and finely attune ourselves to the other person’s energy so that we will know if they are a genuine twin flame—within this knowing we will find peace and faith in the union allowing it to just be.

It is vital that we take time to get to know ourselves—essentially repairing our unhealed wounds and removing the emotional obstacles that may be preventing us from feeling whether we’ve truly connected with our twin flame.

This new moon asks us to let go of the preconceived notions about what we’re expecting from this connection. As painful as it may be to accept, not all twin flames fit neatly into the type of ideal relationship we’ve envisaged.

Sometimes one partner, or even both, have predetermined that they prefer to remain single or detached and unfortunately when that’s the case, nothing can change this, so we have to learn to live with the fact that we may never enter into any form of physical or committed relationship with our twin flame.

This can be painful and although it may cause suffering until we find peace and acceptance, it does not mean that our twin flame does not love us completely or that they are deliberately causing us emotional discomfort.

Twin flames do not intentionally hurt one another or cause unnecessary suffering in any way. If the dynamic is causing regular heartache and you feel it is being intentionally inflicted through abuse, manipulation and mind games, please take a long look at the person you have attracted as it actually may not be a twin flame.

While unconditional love and acceptance are essential for these unions, we must also remind ourselves that when someone sets out to do us harm, whether emotionally, psychologically or physically, we do not need to remain in their company just because we have convinced ourselves that they are our twin flame.

Sadly, sometimes it just isn’t feasible for a twin flame relationship to be healthy and nourishing and in this case, the two often remain apart while actively working on the unhealed wounds and trauma that are causing the friction.

Within twin flame dynamics there is authenticity, wisdom, vulnerability, intimacy and a genuine desire to see the other person joyful and content, regardless if they find happiness with us, with someone else or on their own.

Our role here on Earth is to gift and receive love without limit, to harmonize the heart and mind and to remember that we are inherently interconnected to everything that exists.

Long before we have met our twin flame we have the ability to sense their energy and communicate with them on a higher dimension as well as feeling their emotions and moods regardless of time or distance.

When we meet our twin flame, we discover how the wild yin and yang energies dramatically impact our emotions, how we express ourselves when we are fueled with emotion, and also how our interactions affect the energy we radiate out to the world.

We all have soul wounds and we all need healing, and with our twin flame it’s important that we do not compare our wounds or think we’re better than them because we’ve already worked through some of our soul healing.

When we focus on Isis’ energy and discover how she embodies unconditional love and devotion, we can see that when we love, heal and repair ourselves we simultaneously love, heal and repair our beloved at the same time.

We discover that rather than expending energy, in an attempt to receive external validation and affection, we can find ways to give these things to ourselves. The path of true love does not always run smooth and like Isis and Osiris, we may find ourselves alone and permanently physically separated from our twin soul, with an emotional void to fill. Reminding ourselves that we are always energetically connected removes the anguish and suffering the physical separation can cause.

Therefore, this new moon calls on us to internalize love and to find comfort, warmth and familiarity in romancing ourselves.

This is the time for falling in love with ourselves first and our twin soul second.

Only when we fully understand our desires, ideals and core needs will we find these things reflected in a partner. Up until then, we will likely be confused and attract an energetic resemblance of Set, and we will feel an empty soul-deep longing inside until we eventually realize that we are not in fact separate from our twin flame, we are intimately spiritually connected.

I believe that the divine feminine energy is about to go through a dramatic revolutionary awakening in which the divine masculine energy is resurrected and brought to a place where we’ll relate to one another without being triggered by karmic primal instincts. We’ll meet somewhere and can both benefit from the yin and yang balance.

The two energies will ebb and flow, chaotically but lovingly pushing and pulling one another, without judgment, so that their wounds can be healed and they can both become the greatest version of themselves.

Specific twin flame relationships cannot be compared to any other type of relationship or any other twin flame union.

It is a unique and sensual dance that may be clumsy or it may move perfectly to the beat. It resonates through our bones and is worth every emotion as we choose to courageously pursue it. It will silently teach us profound and transformational lessons about the magic, mystery and sacredness of love.


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Author: Alex Myles 

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