January 20, 2017

Ode to wild-eyed, Revolutionary Women. {Poem}

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**Warning:  an F-bomb and some adult content below.


Here’s to the naughty women—

naked and unabashedly
weeping with pleasure,
moaning til the morning,
giving and taking
in rhythm and resonance,
stockings and lace,
corsets and strap-ons,
who gives a fuck—
glitter and lips,
creating fires
in the firmaments,
radiating miracles
and magic.

We wild women,
rocking the love
out of each of you
through the night.

And here’s to my twisted sisters—
mouths open to the rain,
speaking their truths
like oceans rolling and crowing,
unafraid of the backlash of wrath
for being free—
thrusting honest words out like
fires crackling and cackling,
air shaking and quaking,
earth foretelling,
hearing the wounded
and their cries.

Here’s to my sacred, sobbing women—
woeful tears for the world,
taking in all
the hate spit,
the haunted harlequins and horror-shows,
the dying lovers and brothers,
this madhouse rock
of a planet
into their wombs,
into their lungs and hearts bleeding,
holding the pain
of history,
adding softness and forcing
fierce light back out
into the hurting.

All of us—
we were wild-eyed women,
gripping the ground,
howling at the river,
forgetting forever
and living

Within this moment,
we breathe together
like music strings vibrating
and souls singing
to the rafters
in the loudest of
rhapsodies and revolutions.



Author: Megan Coleman

Image: Instagram @allymortlock

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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