January 15, 2017

This is how we can Enjoy a Cold Beer & Save the Ocean at the Same Time.

Plastic is a problem—that’s no secret.

It’s particularly harmful to our oceans and the marine life that dwells there. Floating plastic bags look like jellyfish and get consumed by various sea animals. Six-pack rings for beer and soda get wrapped around fish and sea turtles, often injuring and harming them severely.

We get advised to cut up the plastic rings to avoid animals from becoming entrapped in them, however, all these little bits of plastic are still getting consumed by fish, turtles, birds and sea-mammals.

However, there’s a small, craft brewery with an innovative idea abut how we can reduce the amount of plastic waste that winds up in our oceans.

Saltwater Brewery in Florida has devised edible six-pack rings which can actually provide sustenance to marine life, rather than harming and killing it.

“Americans consume more than 6 billion gallons of beer each year, half of which comes in cans. Most of the plastic rings that hold those cans together end up in the ocean. Saltwater Brewery wants to change that.”

Leftover barely and wheat remnants used in the brewing process are recycled to make the six-pack rings, which are 100% biodegradable, compostable and edible!




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Author: Yoli Ramazzina

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