January 31, 2017

Uncovering Psychic Intelligence through the Eyes of our Children.

*Editor’s Note: The below is opinion, and should be enjoyed in the spirit of communication, dialogue, listening and constructive criticism. 


Human nature endows us with some form of psychic ability at birth, but it’s common to lose touch with such gifts over time.

Sadly, we limit our human potential because extrasensory perception is commonly misunderstood, discredited and largely ignored, rather than being fostered from a young age.

If we nurtured this intelligence in children and encouraged them to explore their potential gifts as an opportunity for broader, spiritual human development, they might offer humanity a chance at evolving beyond our own current, physical limitations. There is so much for us to learn from the next generation arriving here on this earth that can help contribute to us transcending our current paradigm.

Suppose we invested more time and energy into observing how children naturally gravitate toward learning, while offering them our wisest guiding principles. We might come to eventually understand our grander purpose here. It requires humility and temperance of ego to let our reincarnated children assist in pioneering human advancement.

I’ve listened to parents share too many stories about their children’s abilities and imaginations that resonate with me profoundly for me to ignore what those children are attempting to share with us. Unfortunately, we so often perceive them only as children, rather than our elders from another time and place.

Whenever my nephews speak to me (ages two and four), I listen intently and encourage them to share whatever vivid world they’re experiencing, sheltered by someone who’s willing to validate and nurture whatever potential they’ve been brought here to instill. I know all too well, how easily disregarded so many of us are when attempting to share our grander reality with the world.

An advantage to developing our psychic senses over relying too much upon our widely-recognized five anatomical senses is an ability to communicate or interpret beyond our physical space. An issue today is the burgeoning necessity to rely on technology as a bridge, but this seems to be severely handicapping human development in certain regards too. Numerous mental disorders have become quite commonplace in society because of our inability to connect in ways that would otherwise instill broader interpersonal relations amongst humans.

We might learn to understand virtually every diagnosis if we but realized that we’re attempting to raise children who were never meant to participate in this outdated, dying system of authoritarian governance. Humans are simply too expansive to remain confined, and our children are here partly to help us remember the true origins of our broader nature. These conditions are causal of a sick society.

The next few decades will ultimately be reserved for humanitarian intervention and healing of the mind.

The ability to feel intuitively, versus reasoning logically, enables us an opportunity to delve deeper into the human psyche where we might discover the source of our human condition—a predicament which often secretly plagues the minds of so many. Atrophy of our subtler senses occurs because they’re neglected or negated at such young ages when this vital attention and development toward the intuitive is reliant upon the wisdom of our elders (those who are still present here physically) to help validate and reinforce these expansive gifts.

Humanity has an opportunity to steer its trajectory toward our broader spiritual reality, aligning to the natural order of conditions prevalent in nature while advancing ourselves with responsible technologies. An equilibrium must be met if humankind wishes to continue evolving beyond borders peacefully.

I believe our children possess the key.

Several years ago, it became a dawning realization to me that we are meant to be listening to our children more than we do. I had no idea at the time what this truly meant, but began listening nonetheless. It may seem rather insignificant, what a child might share when they are so young, but I’ll assure you, we’re hearing about lessons learned from time in a life that happened long before we ourselves were born here—again.

Learning to embrace one’s own empathy or intuition can help serve to alleviate emotional wounds or bitter and oftentimes painful memories of trauma or abuse. An individual dealing with invisible suffrage has a chance at ending the vicious cycle of violence that was once imposed upon them.

We can steer children away from having to repeat such a vicious cycle if we but clear a path for them to broaden their own horizons, while we take a step back as a society to let them teach us what we’ve forgotten.

Society is easily misled and pressured into treating mental conditions rather than curing them at their source. The mind is that gateway or bridge to allowing such reconciliation to occur. We need to challenge our youth to rise above an enslaved system, because they are the ones meant to show us the way—we’re merely the bricklayers and must remember that humility will set us free.

Wisdom is derived from our own resolution of karma through ultimate forgiveness—learning from our mistakes.

Time lends space to broadening our spiritual potential as a practice or mantra for living more fruitfully. Suffice it to say, leading a rich life bears little resemblance to how financially wealthy we are. Much of our millennial generation is resistant to the post-modern industrialized age, and we’re witnessing a dying paradigm fueled by greed, corruption, manipulation of people’s good nature and dirty energy practices that are starving our children of their rightful future.

Our extra-sensitive children are simply unable to live in a world ridden with chemical (biological), social and economic warfare, poisoning their bodies and minds and disrupting their natural ability to transcend the physical plane and lead by our innately guiding, spiritual nature. We must step aside and let them show us how to live once more.

We’re here to transcend beyond our current state-of-mind which has been limiting human potential for far too many generations.

We’re at the precipice of a dawning new age where empathy, compassion and psychic evolvement have the potential to outweigh the entropy of inbred ideals that will never serve the majority in a healthy tone—an opportunity to offset the next seven generations so they may live more prosperously looms over our conscience. The choice may lie in the mysterious origins of our own largely untapped psychic nature, to help direct our expansion beyond the predisposition of mind and reason.

Simple exercises to help develop our psychic senses like meditation and prayer are easily taught and benefit all ages. Time in nature, reading fairy-tales or a creative pursuit (painting, writing, photography) can inspire such gifts to avail themselves over time, in addition to learning a healing art of some sort, like Reiki.


 Author: Thayne Ulschmid 

Image: Philippe Put/ Flickr

Editor: Molly Murphy

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