February 18, 2017

Three Mysterious Aphrodisiacs that You aren’t Aware of…Yet.

People have always sought ways to get more and better sex.

And while there are sexual common turn-ons there are also some overlooked, powerful ways to enhance the sexual desire in a tepid partner, or even in yourself.

Here are three aphrodisiacs that you didn’t know were aphrodisiacs:


We stayed at an Alpaca farm on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. I posted several pictures of them on Facebook, as did my traveling companion. Suddenly, I knew that I was onto something—our pages lit up. An old girlfriend from high school liked the pictures, so did my current girlfriend, nine women from Asia, 43 from the U.S. and others from round the world. Only one man liked the picture.

It was undeniable: Alpacas turn women on.

What’s the alpacas secret? I think that it has something to do with how awkward and sweet they are. They are funny looking both at a distance and up close. They appeared innocent as they ran up to the fence to greet us; looking for food is what their owners call it. But we were quite certain they liked us a lot.

Maybe their power isn’t in their fur, which is really cool, or in their economic possibilities, but in their awkward, adorable innocence. The next day I played alpaca as we walked through the city centre of Matamata. Rather than strutting or just walking, I hesitantly stretched my neck up and approached everyone I saw expectantly, happily and innocently.

The girl behind the counter in the coffee shop blushed and couldn’t get enough of us. The wizened old woman walking down the street stopped when I stepped in front of her, turned my long neck to look at her and did my best alpaca impression. Yes I made a lot of new friends that day, and most of them were women.

Put some alpaca pictures up if you are on one of those online dating sites. Watch YouTube videos of how alpacas move, and learn how to walk like they do. If you have the space, get yourself an actual alpaca and you will be well on your way to free, easy sex.

Not taking sex seriously

Walking around like an alpaca has led to me taking myself much less seriously. The second aphrodisiac is being much less serious about having sex—or not having it.

I once went two weeks and 11 hours without having sex and nothing dried up, fell off or fermented. I was fine. Another time, on a trip to Jamaica, I had sex five times a day for three days straight. Other than a little chafing, I was fine and so were they.

I’m just kidding, of course. I never went that long without sex.

Laughing about sex is great. Just think about sex and get yourself laughing. But laughing during sex is even better. Try it.

Maybe sex isn’t that serious. We have it when we do, we don’t when we don’t. Lightening up about it lightens up the rest of our lives as well. Lighten your path to more and better sex with laughter, sweet kidding and letting sexual energy coarse through you from head to toe whether you are having sex or not.

Begin the sexual energy flow from your genitals, the top of your head or your feet and let it have its way with you. Focus your attention a little behind or in front of your sexual energy, like a surfer riding a wave.

Sexual satisfaction and grand pleasure have nothing to do with having sex and everything to do with sexual energy. On a Saturday night alone, or in a long, sexual dry spell, you can be sexually active because sexual energy will be lighting you up and lightening you up too.


This is the most daring aphrodisiac of the three.

Whether you tell white lies, whoppers or live in a state of continual delusion, just a little more honesty is a hot turn on.

“That was incredible sex,” we tell a partner when it wasn’t at all. But in the desire to please them, we are less than truthful. It’s better in such a situation not to say anything at all. Or find something we liked about it and focus on the positive.

“I really liked the way your breasts bounced” isn’t poetic but its still a compliment. “We could brush our teeth together before we have sex next time, as foreplay.” That is so much nicer than telling them that their breath smelled like a rhino or limburger cheese.

Honesty leads to better sex—perhaps not at first, but be patient. The road to sexual ecstasy isn’t paved with lies; it lies in walking that fine, orgasmic line of being the most truthful we can be with our partner and ourselves each and every moment.

Telling your truth leads to being more present, and greater presence leads to much better sex.




Author: Jerry Stocking

Image: IMDB

Editor: Travis May

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