Let the Words Come. {Poem}

Via Michelle Jung
on Feb 17, 2017
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Words falling like paint,
Splashing across the page
Oozing colour, shape
Falling into form.

Painting a picture
For the viewer to bring together.
Sometimes with clear definition
Other times vague and abstract.

Words rumbling like thunder
Their truth echoing through the air.
Sometimes their message shouts
Other times it is but a whisper.

The “Writer” is but the envoy,
The messenger
The conduit through which the
Words can flow.

Give the words safe passage.
Take caution not to alter their form in any way
Nor let the ego influence
Their shape or sound.

Allow the words to be vulnerable,
Loud, or ugly.

Allow their beauty to pass though, too.
Their light, their kindness
Their inspiration.

Let the words come through
In all their untarnished truth,
In their raw authenticity
Simply being.

Let the words cascade
Like a waterfall
Drenching the page in pools
So fast you struggle to catch it all.

But sometimes they knock softly,
Timid and gentle,
Poking in with trepidation
Unsure, seemingly disconnected.

Let them come in then, too.

Be sure to keep the door open,
For we can never be sure
When the words
Will request passage.

But let them know that
When they do, we will
Always let them come through.


Author: Michelle Jung

Image: Used with Permission from Tareck Raffoul

Editor: Toby Israel



About Michelle Jung

Michelle Jung is a wanderlust spirit, globetrotter and chaser of sun. Her mind feels all over the map on most days as well, and she feels most at peace when swimming, running, practicing yoga or moving in general. She grew up on the West Coast and feels most balanced when near water. She has a great fondness for cats and any sort of baked good. Connect with her on Facebook.


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