February 25, 2017

March Forecast: Wildly Loving Venus takes Us on a Passionate, Unforgettable Ride.

February delivered two powerful eclipses that dramatically affected our energy levels and impacted many areas of our lives.

Although eclipses are hugely beneficial, they can also turn our world upside down and make us question and doubt ourselves.

The good news is that as soon as the intense eclipse energies pass, we start to regroup and gain a crystal clear insight into who we are, what we want and also exactly where we are heading.

March is the month that is going to carve us open and propel us along a path filled with self-discovery, love, romance and mind-blowing passion—if we choose it.

The theme of the past six months has been “letting go” and fortunately we are passing through that stage and can now focus on creating new beginnings rather than eliminating stagnant entities from our past.

With February’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse, we received a rare opportunity to set intentions that will manifest during the next six months—that is, if we were realistic and had absolute faith in our ability to bring them to fruition. (If intentions weren’t set in February, it is not too late to attune to the current supercharged, universal energy and focus attention on our hopes, dreams and desires for the next six months.)

Now, that we have released much of the baggage that was weighing us down and we are clearer about our future, we will be feeling lighter, freer, inspired and ready for all forms of action.

This means that an abundance of opportunities and possibilities will be presenting themselves. This is because there is nothing blocking the energy flow, as we are no longer holding on to pain, trauma or dysfunction from the past.

We will jump into March with the playful bounce of a lamb in spring and we won’t allow anything or anyone to steal our sense of excitement, wonder and joy.

Venus, the planet of love, pleasure and harmony is in retrograde during the whole of March, so without doubt the focus is going to be on love, romance, passion and seeing the natural, inherent beauty in ourselves, our loved ones and the entire world.

During this month, we are going to feel the magic of fairy-tale type love all around us, and this will be felt whether we are single or in a relationship.

The reason for this is that the sensations of love are coming from within and will radiate outward giving a rose-tint to everything and everyone we come into contact with.

We are going to be electrically and magnetically charged and people will feel drawn toward us to share in the pure, unconditional, highly energized love that is beaming out from our hearts.

The reason we are going to love so effortlessly is because we are embodying compassion: for ourselves, all others and Mother Earth.

We are fully realizing that not all is perfect in this world, starting with ourselves, and this awareness is prompting us to discard judgment and instead offer a tender acceptance that allows divine union to occur.

Despite having a clear vision of all our flaws, faults and ingrained insecurities, we will feel whole and worthy as we balance the dark and light, yin and yang energies and celebrate the magnificence of our fractured soul as it yearns to brightly shine.

The relationships that begin this month or that already exist are going to feel harmonious as we connect on a deeper emotional, mental and soul level. We may even notice that during March our physical attraction to our loved ones is aroused and chemistry is off the scale as we are drawn to sensually connect skin-on-skin and become seductively closer to those we share a romantic bond with.

Intimacy is the theme of the month which means we are going to have to break down emotional walls and become immeasurably more comfortable and courageous—and ultimately vulnerable—so that there are no blockages preventing love from being given or received.

The only warning to contend with throughout March is to be a little careful with the extreme and, at times, overwhelming emotions and sensations pulsating through us. We might either fall head first for someone we really shouldn’t fall for or we may become entangled far too quickly to notice the red flags.

It might be tempting to burn for love, but the initial mesmerizing flames could quickly become a raging inferno that we will struggle to put out if we don’t remain in the moment, alert and aware.

This is also the month that any spiritual connections we have with others become more defined. Whether it is because we receive external confirmation for the reason they appeared in our lives, or whether we internally figure out the deeper meaning, their existence starts to make sense and we can begin to come to terms with the struggle and suffering their presence has caused.

Idealistically, spiritual connections would only offer the pleasurable characteristics of a relationship, however, unfortunately it can often be the opposite.

People arrive for a variety of reasons and although some bring us pleasure and others bring us pain, everyone shows up for our higher good and to bring us back to our center, which is ultimately a place of unrefined love.

We usually find, after a long and painful search, that the reason that certain soul connections cause us to suffer is because we are subconsciously refusing to either give or receive love. To some, this may seem a crazy concept, especially to those who feel their heart has always been open and sending out an unstoppable flow of love to everyone, regardless of how they are treated. Ironically though, usually it’s the ones who love intensely that are the ones who struggle to receive love.

Many of us have a deep, emotional wound somewhere within that has caused us to feel unworthy of love. Fear sets in and prevents us from either receiving or giving out love. The challenge we will face during March is that we are being called to tear down those limiting blockades and refuse to be controlled by the painful injuries from the past. This may seem as though it’s easier said than done. However, it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Basically, to give or receive love externally, we first have to give and receive love to and from ourselves. This means we have to begin accepting ourselves exactly as we are, understanding that no human being on this planet is perfect and that we have done our best under the unique set of circumstances, traits and characteristics that we were inherently been given.

We have to forgive ourselves not only for any pain or suffering we may have caused others, but also for the pain and suffering we have caused ourselves by not treasuring and cherishing ourselves like we should have. We often treat ourselves far worse than we would treat any other living being, and it is now time to pour unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, consideration, care and gratitude into our hearts, minds and bodies so that we feel adored and worthy on a soul-deep level.

Venus retrograde is the period that helps us work through these unhealed wounds and blockages and March is in the retrograde from start to end. There won’t be a better month of the year to support us on our journey towards self-love, and there is no better time to start than now.

It really is time to focus and dedicate our attention on loving, dating and putting ourselves first and to above all remind ourselves constantly that we are unique, miraculous, magical creatures that have been born to this Earth for a divine purpose. We owe it to ourselves to uncover the jewels hidden within so that they can shine brilliantly from the inside out.

March is our month. It is the month of pure, personal, spiritual, authentic, transformational and soul-satisfying love. The moment we begin this metamorphosis we will see the universe and everything within it through new eyes—viewing from a wide-open heart.




Author: Alex Myles

Image: Unsplash

Editor: Travis May

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