February 26, 2017

Our Universe Recently became Less Lonely. {TRAPPIST-1}

“Seven rocky, earth-sized planets, all of which could potentially have liquid water,” have been discovered, orbiting only 40 light years away from the Earth.

This week, Nasa announced a newly realized planetary system, Trappist–1, named after the telescope positioned in Chile, which first recorded the presence of three of these seven planets in 2015.

The latter four planets in this system were spotted by Nasa’s Spitzer Space telescope several days ago.

The exciting bit about this news (if we were not already impressed), is that with the possibility of this planetary organization containing water, they could also sustain life as we know it.

In these uncertain environmental and political times, a factual realization that there may be other connections, and planets, that could support us may be the comfort we currently require.

With the Earth’s present estimated habitual occupancy being 3.5 billion years before we are engulfed by the sun, and disregarding the possibility that we will destroy it before then, we will eventually need another home.

Large numbers of scientists have always believed that Earth is not unique in its ability to sustain intelligent life.

Watching the video below might offer the soothing our souls need. As we become open to being part of an even larger community of planets, I think we will each feel a heartwarming sense of ease.

There are infinite worlds out there yet to be understood, and while we are considering this, let’s find peace in knowing we have just realized a few more friendly ones.


“The discovery could be a significant piece in the puzzle of finding habitual environments…conducive to life.” ~ Thomas Zurbuchan, associate administrator of the science mission doctorate, Washington.


Author: Sarah Norrad

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Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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