March 9, 2017

A 3-Step Toolkit for Inner Beauty. ~ Rainbeau Mars


Confucius said, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

Sometimes, when we’re busy, exhausted, and stressed, it can be hard to see the beauty in ourselves. I can confidently say we all are beautiful, but our lights may not shine as bright when we don’t feel our best.

That’s why a discipline of daily beauty practices can help us look and feel as beautiful as we are on the inside. Take a deep breath in, feel your heart, and find the source of your light. Open your mouth and exhale anything not serving you. It is a new day. Breathe in the new day. Breathe out everything you’re not. Let go.

Yoga pose for the day: Child’s Pose.

Try this, whether it’s your first Child’s Pose or your 500th. Starting in a “table” position (on your hands and knees), move your hips back onto your heels.

Rest your hips there, with the tops of your feet flat on the floor.

Arms come back toward your hips and rest on the floor, with your head resting on the mat.

Rest, breathe, and soften your hips, jaw, head, back, and ears.

Let your head and arms release fully and breathe.

Take at least five nourishing breaths; let your kidneys, adrenals, lungs, and digestion feel the support of the posture.

Intention for the Day: Kindness.

Set your intention for the day.

We can offer up kindness today and every day to others, and end up receiving it ourselves. Treating ourselves and each other with kindness is one of the most effective ways to bring out our natural beauty and superstar glow. The virtue of being loving is one of the most supportive “substances” in existence that creates beauty from the inside out.

Treat yourself with the utmost kindness and compassion today, especially in the privacy of your own thoughts about yourself and others, and notice a shine in your eyes and openness in those around you.

Mantra of the day: Let go and let flow.

However you perceive the divine, in whatever shape, form, or essence, allow yourself to have the support of this infinitely supportive force.

If you have any uncomfortable feelings brewing, such as anger, frustration, doubt, or fear, know you don’t have to hold onto them or handle them on your own. Through self-observation, analyzing, and most importantly, comprehension about the damage that these negative emotions create, we can shift and extract these from our psyche. Through prayer, offer painful feelings or negative beliefs up to a greater consciousness.

I humbly spend time on my knees asking for help, inviting a greater intelligence to help for the highest good.


“We go forward by going back, up by going down, and out by going in.” ~ Rainbeau Mars


Author: Rainbeau Mars

Images: via Rainbeau Mars on Instagram

Editor: Catherine Monkman

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