An Inconvenient Sequel—This will Give you Shivers. {WATCH}

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In the shadow of a Trump presidency, the world has become a metaphorically colder place. But it’s about to become a physically hotter, more perilous, place to live.

Over a decade ago, Al Gore released a controversial but much-needed film called An Inconvenient Truth. I remember seeing this title and feeling the goosebumps rise.

It’s so strange, that something so dramatically terrifying as the end of our world as we know it, is so often labeled as inconvenient.

The first trailer for Gore’s follow-up film, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, opens with Trump begging for climate change to warm the room, and ends with Trump promising to de-fund climate change science in America.

So that he can put America first.

As if there will be an America in a post-climate change world.

Although initially An Inconvenient Sequel is rife with hope and a fighting spirit, it very quickly turns into a horror film—and the look on Al Gore’s face as he watches Trump’s speech will break your heart.

As Gore says:

Don’t let anybody tell you we’re going to get on a rocket ship and go and live on Mars. This is our home.”


Author: Erin Lawson

Image: Youtube

Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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