March 9, 2017

Guess which country President Trump just authorized US to sell weapons, reversing President Obama?

Dundundundun…you guessed it.

Donald Trump’s State Department approves Saudi Arabia weapons sales blocked by Barack Obama (independent.co.uk

“The State Department has approved resuming arms sales to Saudi Arabia previously blocked by Barack Obama…”

The country responsible for the most 9/11 terrorists, that funds ISIS and suppresses women! It’s a hat trick, folks!

It’s almost as if he doesn’t care about our security more than our and his financial ties. In other news, the Wall will be (partially!) paid for by cutting Coast Guard, airplane, and shipping security. And FEMA. That makes no sense.

A few apt comments via Redditland: 

The same Saudi Arabia that the Trump campaign railed against during all the complaining about the Clinton Foundation. Why is the Trump administration funding terrorists?


Wasn’t Hillary’s “ties” to Saudi Arabia a huge fucking campaign issue?? Christ Almighty, every fucking day this dude just proves what a fraud he really is.


Not to mention her HORRIFIC ties to Goldman Sachs… Oh wait, two former Goldman Sachs execs are now in Trump’s cabinet…

Same reason they didn’t block Saudia Arabia from the travel ban, they want a terrorist attack to happen so Bannon can have his Holy War with Islam…


Honestly they know that if we get attacked they can use it to start a troops on the ground war that some people will get behind them on. I’m afraid of this and half expect it to happen with the level of incompetence in the Oval Office


And they can go after the IC for “withholding information” and not cooperating with Trump.

And they can go after the Democrats for being “soft” on Islam.

And they can go after your civil rights because, hey, you need to be protected and the government is the only one that can do it. The same government that Republicans claim to be too corrupt, evil, tyrannical, and inherently oppressive to regulate food, drugs, the environment, and financial markets.

But when it comes to your private information we can trust them — as long as Republicans are the one in power, of course.


“I’m the only one who can keep you safe. Believe me.”

~ Trump


In other news: WikiLeaks Has Joined the Trump Administration — The anti-American group has become the preferred intelligence service for a conspiracy-addled White House. (foreignpolicy.com) and  

EPA chief Scott Pruitt says carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to global warming (cnbc.com) and remember how the GOP always fails to do anything about gun safety after every attack, but calls for mental health funding? Well: Republicans confirm substance abuse and mental health coverage would no longer be mandated under Medicaid expansion (washingtonpost.com) Finally: Connecting Trump’s Dots To Russia (nytimes.com)


Bonus, yum: (proceeds go to good cause, see link):

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