March 5, 2017

This is why it’s Time to take Grandma’s China out of the Cabinet.

I am an avid believer in not “saving things for a special occasion” or “keeping it for a rainy day.”

How about we all use everything we have available to us, all the time, no matter what the occasion?

I’ve had this discussion multiple times with my mum, who is an avid “save it for a special occasion/too good for right now” believer, in the hopes of understanding the thought process from the other side.

My best guess is that it’s simply a notion that’s been kept around from many moons ago—passed down from generations who thought this way.

For instance, using the best cutlery exclusively when someone “worthy” came over for dinner evoked a sense of pride and high class—and above all, helped make the guests feel special. Not to mention sporting one’s “best dress” on the same occasion.

Doing the same for a Sunday barbecue with the family? Unheard of!

But why do we feel this need to save our best for another time? What is wrong with the here and now? Why can’t I wear my diamonds whenever I feel like it? Why can’t I use the best plates every night, and why can’t I spritz on my favourite Chanel perfume “just” to go to the office every day?

Well, I can—and I do. And you know why?

Because I am alive.

I am here, and I get to live another day. So, I want to feel my best going in to every day and every occasion—and if that means rocking my best dress and spritzing on some perfume, while wearing those lush diamonds, then so be it! That is exactly what I am going to do.

The point I am trying to reach here is this: Why save things for a rainy day? Why save our best for another time?

What if that time never comes?

I understand the desire to keep some things stashed away and bring them out in order make us feel special on a particular occasion, but how about feeling special every single day?!

How about embracing the fact that we’ve survived another day in this crazy, beautiful world? That, in itself, is a “special occasion.”

I’ve always thought about it this way; I can even remember feeling like this when I was younger. However, although this has hit home for me on many occasions, I felt it the most when my Nanna had to move into a nursing home.

Boxes upon boxes of items were collected that were still in tip-top condition—not due to the fact the items were sturdy and strong, but because they had never been used. Some of them were not even out of their packaging.

Beautiful crystal glasses, wedding gifts (circa 1940), jewels, china…the list goes on.

My Nanna had wanted to keep these things “for a special occasion,” and I am sure that there were many—however, because they were originally placed in the back of a cupboard, the items were forgotten, and they never saw the light of day.

How sad.

So, I urge you: Go on and wear those gorgeous pearls that are stashed in the back of your jewelry box, and team them with that sassy, black dress you’re “saving” for that ultimate, special occasion.

Go and fill up your grandma’s china teapot that you’ve so delicately placed away. Heck, why don’t you drink that tea out of one of those fancy-shmancy crystal glasses that have never been out of the cabinet? And while you’re at it, light that gorgeous-smelling candle you’ve been holding out on.

You’ll feel alive. I promise.



Author: Meagan Bignell

Image: Flickr/krheesy

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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