April 20, 2017

Be Honest with Her.

Tell her how you feel. Hold nothing back.

Honesty is all we have in relationships. It is the very benchmark of any kind of genuine and profound connection between human beings. It is the glue that binds us together, the cohesive substance that links us at the level of spirit.

What we hide from her, she will feel. She knows us. She can sense when we are concealing something from her, when our true feelings are being harbored.

She knows us.

She can see it in our eyes, in our body language. She knows our lies.

“What’s wrong?” She asks me, tenderly.
“Nothing. Nothing’s wrong.” I turn away.
“Hey.” She says, as she bends her head toward me. “Something’s wrong…I know you.”
Her blue eyes won’t let me go. They keep penetrating my thick skin, seeing right through me.

The “brooding introvert” game is not going to work for me this time.
“I’m fine, ya know? I’m fine…”
We sit in silence for a few moments.

What we don’t share with each other builds up within us like a boulder in our chests, and then works vigorously against us, against our love.

If we can’t be honest with each other, then who can we be honest with?

How we feel inside must be expressed, for in the words of Stella Adler, the mind behind the acting genius of Marlon Brando, “It is against the nature of human life to withdraw.”

I look away, think, and every time I turn back—those blue eyes. They follow me.
They aren’t going to let me escape.
“It’s just…” I begin to say. “It’s just…like…”
“Yeah?” She inquires calmly.
“I want you, and I can’t have you.” I look away again, attempting to remove myself from her grace.
I know I can’t be around her too long without it all coming out.
She says nothing, but continues to stare into my soul.
She knows me.
“I want you. I want you in my life. I want you. I want to be with you.”
Those blue eyes.
“You are with me now.” She says, as she moves closer to me. “You are with me now.”
She kisses me.
She kisses me in a way that make my bones shake, that make my heart go “thump thump thump.”

I can feel her smile. She bites my lip softly and pulls it closer to her, our foreheads still touching.

If we cannot share ourselves, reflect how we feel most deeply, give all of ourselves to the other, then something will always feel likes it’s missing, like we are removed from something entirely intrinsic to who and what we are.

I glance up one last time to see those blue eyes once more, bigger and more vibrant than ever. Glowing.
Her face rubs against mine as she moves to lightly nibble my ear, just before whispering, “You are with me now.”

Be honest with her. Let nothing be unsaid. Leave no stone unturned between you.

In the words of Marianne Williamson, “There is nothing more powerful in the universe than an agreement between two people.”

If we can be truly honest with each other, in a way, our souls can unify. We can connect in ways we hadn’t imagined. We can truly be and move as one, so to speak.

Be honest with her, for honesty acts as the very foundation of togetherness.

Honesty is love.


Author: Samuel Kronen
Image: Scio Central School Website/Flickr
Editor: Catherine Monkman


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