May 28, 2017

How to Cut Loose, Let Go & Relax into our Spiritual Selves.

Too often, we find ourselves stuck in rush-hour traffic, running from here to there frantically, and exhausted from all we have to do.

The culprits of our frenetic lifestyle are space and time. These two keep us stretched too thin and often make life hectic.

Roses bloom, breezes sneak by, the sun rises and sets without us noticing because we are just too busy. Even romance succumbs, evolving into an alliance for getting things done and never ending logistics.

At some point, we need to gain a little perspective, prying moments apart by focusing attention on the fullness of now. We need to borrow some wisdom from physics by noticing ourselves as fields, rather than objects zipping around at breakneck speed.

There is lightening up we can do in every aspect of our lives—and when we do, we will remember how sweet life is and that we are infinite spirits with nowhere to get to and nothing to do.

Lightening up in relationships.

One of the coolest ways to step out of space and time is a crush—that powerful, dynamic dance of spirits exploring an earthly playground. Space and time melt away, like so much morning mist, leaving us necking, giggling, blushing, and youthful.

Having more crushes more often lightens our load and encourages our spirits to soar.

Poets have fallen deeply and madly in love with everything from roses, to spring, stone walls, certain cities, and—in the case of Candide—with the curve of a woman’s wrist.

Crushes don’t have to be on people. Right now I have a crush on a lake, on abundantly-seeded watermelon, chocolate chia pudding, and the sensations from a brand new stretch I discovered yesterday visiting a body worker.

Crushes remind us that we are free, and they announce a new relationship—whether with someone new or with a long-time partner. Crushes offer the best of us to the best of someone else, appealing to the spirit in us all.

To experience a crush, drop all borders and boundaries between you and “the crushee.” Let go of expectation and obligation, and fall freely.

With a crush, each moment is new, fresh, lively, and full of possibility.

Crushes suspend time and space, leading directly to a place of love and grace. Crush often.


Sometimes wiggling into my jeans in the morning reminds me that spirits don’t always enjoy being forced into earthly form. But taking a deep breath of fresh air, splashing around in the water, and cuddling reminds us all that there are benefits to being a spirit in a body.

While the vastness of the heavens may give us pause, as does thinking about forever, the wide open spaces around us give us plenty of room to roam. While in New York City, we might feel like so many sardines crammed into a tiny tin can; but not far away, still within New York state, are vast forests where we could hike without seeing anyone for days.

Whether we focus on the tight, claustrophobic sensations or the vastness is up to us. But the undeniable population density of the world is 35 people per square mile, leaving each of us plenty of room to do a spontaneous pirouette, or reach out and find a friendly, loving hand to hold.

When you need a little less space, focus attention on small spaces, spandex, and Smart cars. When you need a little more space, take a walk in the woods, look at the night sky, and ponder where you might like to go that is at least a light-year away. If you really want to discover how light, lively, and open this place is, look at some electron microscope pictures to discover that there are loads of space between atoms.

Nothing around us is as solid as it seems. Everything is in flux—and to enjoy our own constant state of flow and change, all we need do is drink more water, take in a full breath, submerge in water, or let our attention focus on the spaces between.

Making plans and setting goals.

Watching our best-laid plans go up in smoke isn’t any fun—but it can be. We can build our plans and set our goals with loads of wiggle room, just for the fun of it. Our plans and goals ought to be open, changeable, and as dynamically creative as the universe is. And when they are, they become entertaining, instead of so horribly serious.

Leonard Orr, the creator of rebirthing (and a wise dude) spends time every day sitting by a fire. He even has a fireplace in his travel trailer. Watching solid oak slowly turn from dense wood to ash and gas reminds us that nothing is as solid as it seems.

Make loose plans; set light and fun goals. If you find yourself scowling when considering the future, the cure for this is simple: A little dose of the present cleans our palate of delusions of control and reminds us that whatever happens is perfect.

Remember that your best-laid plans are nothing but iridescent bubbles floating around on a breezy day.

Space and time.

As our attention goes, so goes our day. Focusing attention on dense things like deadlines, decisions, serious thoughts, and heavy emotions wears us out, carrying the weight of the world on our narrow shoulders.

But finding animal shapes in the clouds, pondering a hot-air-balloon ride, or laughing aimlessly like a hyena decompresses us—relieving tension and reminding us of the levity of spirit.

Step out of space and time to remind yourself that infinite spirits in bodies are a divine comedy in a place of grace posing as serious business. Smile, from head to toe, and your spirit will suddenly feel at home in a body.



Author: Jerry Stocking
Image: Pixabay
Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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