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June is a transitional month in Ayurveda, as spring finally starts rounding the bend toward summer.

Seasonal eating and following the cycles of nature with our diets is one of the tenets of Ayurveda. Doing so supports a diverse, thriving microbiome, and ultimately, our health, mood, and well-being.

While we generally suggest eating off the Spring Grocery List in June, there are exceptions to the rule. For example, if the weather is hot, it seems summer has arrived, and if you have a predominantly pitta body type, eating off the Summer Grocery List would be appropriate.

If the weather is still cool and damp, you live in a colder climate, or you have more kapha in your constitution, eating off the Spring Grocery List right through June is your best bet.

However, most climates in the United States are transitional in June. It varies daily from hot and summery, to cool, wet, and spring-like.

To find the best transitional June foods, cross-reference the Summer and Spring Grocery Lists.

The three tastes that balance kapha in the spring are pungent (spicy), bitter (as found in leafy greens), and astringent (as found in beans and cucumbers).

The three tastes that balance pitta in the summer are sweet (as found in fruits), bitter (as found in leafy greens), and astringent (as found in beans and cucumbers).

The two tastes from both the spring and summer lists that overlap are bitter and astringent. This makes the foods with these tastes the best transitional superfoods for the month of June.

To find these foods, circle the foods that are on both the Spring and Summer Grocery Lists in each food category. You will find these foods in PDF format below. I would suggest printing the June Superfoods Grocery list and circling your favorite foods, giving yourself permission to eat more of these foods in the month of June. Enjoy!

June is also the last month to squeeze in a spring cleanse. While you can cleanse in any season, cleansing in the spring takes advantage of the body’s natural inclination to burn and detox fat that has built up from winter and get rid of those fat-soluble toxins.

That said, the best time to cleanse is when you have the time to rest, relax, and not stress through the process, regardless of the season. For many people, that is the summer, and it is also a great time to cleanse. The body’s natural inclination in the summer is to purify the blood, lymph, and liver, as these are all pitta-based systems.

Click here for more information on cleanses.

Are you signed up for the 3-Season Diet Challenge yet? Join the movement. It’s our free monthly seasonal eating and recipe guide.


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Author: Dr John Douillard 
Image: Iwona Lach/Unsplash
Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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