June 20, 2017

June’s Cancer Super Moon: Tuning in to the Soft Places Within.

Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ Ed.


The new supermoon on June 23, 2017, at 8:30 p.m. Mountain Time is in the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, Cancer.

We refer to this new moon as a “supermoon” due to it being at or near its closest approach to Earth in its orbit. Because it is closer in proximity to Earth, it exerts a stronger gravitational pull and, therefore, it’s pull on our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies is also stronger.

Every new moon is an invitation to set intentions that emerge from a true, still place within us that beckons to be acknowledged and desires manifestation.

In many ways, a new moon in Cancer is a metaphorical return to “the womb.” As such, we invite ourselves to reconnect to the Mother archetype and everything this archetype holds for us—past, present, and future. We are invited to revisit our relationship to the themes of family, home, and the emotional realm.

This particular new moon conjuncts the planet Mercury in Cancer, heralding in the theme of emotional communication and bringing a lot of mental activity to Cancer’s realm. Reminiscing over past connections and nostalgia would be indicated. Here we are presented with the opportunity to tap into the most vulnerable aspects of our being, practice giving voice to the soft parts, and then summoned to express ourselves from this tender, sometimes awkward and uncomfortable, place.

Venus is trine Pluto for the first few days of this new moon, intensifying our love, and pulling us to go deeper into our relationships with others. This influence can heighten our awareness of what it is we actually feel in our hearts. Casual connections hold less appeal.

Mars in Cancer is square Jupiter in Libra at the start of this new moon, inviting excessive warrior-like energy that can be over-exuberant, potentially leading to conflict and clashes. This Jupiter in Libra is also inconjunct Neptune in Pisces, reflecting a certain awkwardness in harmoniously connecting to others while holding our ground.

Others may be unclear or hazy about what is being presented to them and how to best respond. While Mars in Cancer is trine Neptune in Pisces, we may idealize our conviction in our capacity to be strong, but navigating the proper use of that energy in relation to others will involve some compromise and skill.

A highlight: This super new moon tightly squares the Super Galactic Center in Libra, a super-massive black hole that is presently understood to involve the themes of soulmate relationships and an insatiable hunger for the “one.” We can expect a collective rise in our interest and opening to relationships that carry this frequency. Any activation of this point potentially also carries the darker themes of co-dependency and relationship imbalance.

Reflection questions when considering what to plant for this new moon:

1. How do I nurture others and receive that nurturing energy in return? Am I satisfied, or do I want something more in this area?

2. How am I at self-soothing and catering to my own needs?

3. How am I at recognizing when my personal time has moved from a love-based retreat and self-care practice into a fear-based state of pushing others away?

4. Am I able to set and respect appropriate boundaries in the exchange for motherly, nurturing energy so that I am not excessively smothering nor excessively withdrawing in both giving and receiving?

5. Who or what most closely reflects the concept of “home” for me?

6. Does my current home serve as my sanctuary and reflect my values, desires, and aesthetics? If not, what big or small changes need to occur in order for my home to truly serve as my foundation? How can my home more accurately reflect who I am or am in the process of becoming?

7. Am I satisfied with my family relationships and what can I do to intentionally improve them? Does unfinished family business exist and require further work on my part? Do unresolved past family or emotional issues keep me from pursuing a future I do not currently know how to reach?

8. Do I have the self-awareness to know what I feel? If so, do I feel safe and secure enough to acknowledge my emotions and share them to others? What is my relationship to being vulnerable in my interpersonal relationships?

Action steps for this new moon: 

Strengthen your relationship with your emotional body. This involves increasing your capacity for self-attunement and self-soothing behaviors—meditation, yoga, personal creative endeavors, massages, long baths, leisurely hikes. Allow yourself to feel what you feel. Break down. Cry. Emote. Crawl up into the fetal position and let the emotional currents pour through you. You are both nurturing mother and wounded child, building the capacity to reveal your hurt places and embrace yourself there in all of your fullness.

Write a repair letter, a love letter, or a gratitude letter to a past/present/future version of you, to others who have shaped and deeply impacted your life, or to those you have unfinished business with. You know the letter I speak of—it is the one you carry in your heart, that writes itself in those “in-between” moments, the one that you would write if only you were brave and honest enough.

Make real changes or accommodations to your home in a way that emulates you. Drawings, creative visualizations, and list-making may help set the course for what wants to take form.

Take shelter in your family. Revisit old issues. Find understanding. Forgive. If you find that you uncover emotions that require more marinating before the forgiveness step is real and genuine for you, so be it…linger there, feel it all the way through. Create safe parameters with which to exhume the emotional skeletons that haunt you the most.

Primarily, this sensitive new moon engenders hope for a more intimate, honest way of being with ourselves and others by recovering true emotions that we may have buried under fear and defensive posturing. With half the planets in water signs, this is an emotionally rich time period that implores us to traverse the depths of our oceanic floor.

But with the South Node’s passing though the sign of Aquarius and the North Node’s passage through the sign of Leo, our ultimate evolutionary task lies in our capacity to move away from the cold, repressed, detached, impersonal tendencies we may have acquired and step proudly into the inspirational, confident, playful solar energy of the Lion and the King. Here we find the courage to express our most vulnerable selves.

Rooted in heart-centered awareness, may we all plant our intentions wisely under this tender new Cancer Super Moon.






Author: Mollie Lyddane
Image: Author’s Own, Wikipedia
Editor: Travis May
Copy Editor: Danielle Beutell
Social Editor: Yoli

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