June 16, 2017

The Fire of Awakening: What the Great Sages have Taught Us. {Video}

The practice of meditation isn’t just (or even primarily) about chillin’ out.

It’s also about stoking the sacred fire.

Did you know there is a holy fire at the base of your spine?

This is what the great sages of all wisdom traditions have taught us.

In modern terms, we can say that the fire is a dormant potential coded deeply within our neurology; it’s a powerful life energy and an evolutionary impulse that is (partially) asleep within the deep recesses of your human organism.

Spiritual practice re-awakens that potential, breathes into the fire, and heats up your life.

Step into the Fire of Awakening: A Nano-Teaching Video.

This Nano-teaching video is excerpted from one of the monthly teachings and meditations presented to the  Wisdom Heart Community.

It’s an invitation to cultivate and commune with the sacred fire.

This Nano-teaching includes:

>> How the practice of meditation cultivates the sacred fire.

>> Why cooperating with the fire is the key to transformation.

>> What is burned up in the awakening fire…and what isn’t.

>> How to expand your horizon of awareness.

From this teaching:

“At each stage of the inner journey, you are confronted with a sacred trial. Each trial is a confrontation with your karmic inheritance, with your own reactivity.

Passing the test means to be able to be present, to be able to reside as loving awareness, and to face your own reactivity without manipulating it, controlling it, pushing it away, distorting it.”

What are you facing at this stage of your awakening journey? Let us know in the comments below.



Author: Eric Klein
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