July 5, 2017

July’s Boundless Full Moon: Into the Eye of Karma.

Sometimes, we’re given a glimpse of what’s possible if only we suspend our belief in the logical.

On Saturday, July 8th (or Sunday the 9th , depending upon geographical location)we will experience a powerful and limitless full moon.

Often it seems that life is only what we envision it to be.

Perhaps it’s the power of manifestation; we tend to live according to what we think is possible. This can also work against us if we let our fears overrule our faith. The idea of the impossible is a sentence we succumb to when we lack the vision to see things differently than we had hoped.

Moons can’t make us do anything that we don’t want to do, they can’t uproot us from where we are meant to be or force us toward a destination that isn’t meant for us—yet that doesn’t mean that they don’t affect us, or that they can’t help propel us toward what is meant for us.

To believe in the divine power of the universe is to stand in appreciation of all that has been created—moon and solar system included.

It also means entertaining the idea that maybe life is so much more than we conceive of.

We have to give ourselves over to the flow of the universe, to let things come and go as they are meant to, and know that whatever is truly meant for us won’t ever truly miss us—this is the idea of entering into the eye of karma.

When we move through our lives with honesty and integrity, holding the belief that even if it’s not immediate we will eventually be shown these same qualities in others, then we create a positive pattern of karma. If instead we withhold in this life, if we hurt others unnecessarily, or live our lives dishonestly to our own souls, then there will be a balancing of the universal energies that are meant to show us not retribution, but redirection.

Sometimes it seems that we hold limited thought ideals about the divine and that we see this power as a force that is present to reward the good and punish the bad. Yet, there is no force in this life that looks to cause pain toward any of our souls intentionally. The universe is full of mercy, but more than that the divine seeks to help us live out our purpose in this life—not chastise us for making mistakes along the way.

This full moon in July is a welcome redirection for all of us—or a confirmation of our current path.

As we welcome a new month into our lives, we begin the second half of the year. This is a time when confusion subsides and we are shown just how much we have been working toward—and of course, how far we have come.

In this life, we need to suspend our beliefs about how we thought our story would play out in order to actually be able to live as fully as we can. The purpose of all of this is not to make sense of our choices, nor is it to play safe and only ever make the choices that are expected of us.

We have two choices in this life: We can make everyone else happy around us, or we can start with ourselves and make our happiness a priority.

Often we think by making ourselves happy, by choosing those paths in life that light up our souls, we will disappoint and hurt others. But, in the end, those who only approve or love us because of our complacency or desire to please them don’t actually truly care about who we are, but rather how well we follow their plans for us.

This full moon bumps us up the karmic path and challenges us to create what we want to manifest.

We can’t sit back and expect to one day wake up happy, fulfilled, and in bed next to the love of our lives—especially if we are dishonest with ourselves in an attempt to appease the wishes of others.

Instead, we need to take responsibility for our own lives and make the choice to live within our truth—regardless of how others may wish to hide or shade their eyes from it. By living authentically from our hearts, we automatically garnish respect from others, even if, in the beginning, they don’t like or understand it.

The truth is that by being true to who we are, we naturally create a positive pattern of karma and invite others to do the same.

When we make choices we feel we are expected to, whether consciously or not, those closest to us will see us as weak and succumbing to their will without showing any willpower or spine of our own. They may find use for us in their lives, but they will never truly respect us for the men and women we are, because the only thing we actually do is that which we are “supposed to.”

We have to upset a few people to actually have the chance to gain the respect that we deserve.

There is no way to live our lives fulfilling our divine purpose if we are intending to not make waves, sometimes the very things that we fear will create the biggest storms are also those that will set us free to truly become the people we were born to be.

Now is when the universe will begin to balance our lives, and challenge us to take the reins instead of the backseat for our own destiny.

We can have it all—family, happiness, fulfillment, passion, and magic, but first we have to be willing to see that for ourselves.

We have to be willing to create the lives that we want to live—and stop living within the shadows of impossibility.

And so we enter into the limitless eye of karma, where the only thing that is holding us back are the limits that we perceive are present.

Author: Kate Rose
Image: Anthony Flores/Flickr
Editor: Danielle Beutell
Copy Editor: Leah Sugerman
Social Editor: Sara Karpanen

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