July 21, 2017

This Magical World. {Poem}

The magic of this world is unfolding
to me in the brightest hue
right before my eyes.

The more I learn,
the more I believe.
The more i believe,
the more power there is.
And the more that I see the power
that we hold within us,
the more I see what hope truly is.

We hold within us beauty and truth;
ignoring it, we forget it.
Through worshiping the mundane and material world,
the invisible world is ignored,
where thoughts and feelings hold power
and take form.

The energy within everything,
yin and yang,
constantly seeking balance.

The tales were true.
The legends were not fiction.
This world is magic.

The more I focus,
the more clarity I demand.
And the more I know,
that in this battle of good and evil,
the force of good will win.

So rid your fear,
and have some faith.
There’s proof of it;
look around you.
It’s in your lover’s smile.
It’s in the flapping of the butterfly’s wings.
It’s in the bubbling river.
We see it;
we just don’t believe it.

Sometimes we hold an inner fire;
so strong we don’t know what to do with it.
So I’m learning how to focus it.

We are terrified beneath the surface,
we are terrified of ourselves.
Of facing our inner demons.
But if you look deeply into their eyes,
they will disappear.
You will learn
they were just shadows
of the light.

The light that nourishes me so softly,
that glistens and brightens my past, present, and future.
The light that’s in me
will never fade.
I know this because
it’s been tested
and it hasn’t flickered yet.

We are here to be tested,
to grow like forests of emerald hues.
Every second is a seed
and we decide which seeds we water.
Every thought is a seed,
and every feeling is a seed.

We will reap what we sow.
That is part of all we need to know.

Author: Samantha LaRosa
Image: Sarah Ann Loreth/Flickr
Editor: Danielle Beutell
Copy Editor: Nicole Cameron

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