July 20, 2017

July’s New Moon in Fiery Leo: Heed the Lion’s Roar.

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The new moon on July 23, 2017 occurs in the fiery sign of Leo at 3:45 a.m. MST.

This new moon is fused tightly with Mars, increasing initiative and drive, and giving us the energy and fire to initiate new projects with flair and exuberance. There is a tremendous amount of energy available to get things done and get new projects underway, particularly the ones that require that extra effort and daring.

The planet Mercury joins the harmonious “grand fire” triangle between Saturn, Uranus, and the North Node to essentially bring the energy of innovation to our outdated, repetitious patterns and projects so that we might ultimately break through these limitations and create a new path that is born from the heart.

Venus makes an opposing aspect to Saturn during this new moon, perhaps reflecting a sense of duty or obligation in relationships and in possibly settling old karma from the past. A balanced perspective is the aim here. If we engage in a spirit of light-heartedness, curiosity, and open-mindedness in these encounters and release the self-righteousness of our own position, we are much more likely to create an understanding environment that bodes well for making a connection.

This new moon is in stark contrast to June’s watery new moon in Cancer, which supported an inward glance toward the emotional landscape. Now with seven planets in fire signs, this month’s theme has to do with inviting inspiration to inform our path forward, and act with exuberance and courage to create that vision.

The lion of the new moon awakens us from our laborious travails and rouses us to celebrate, to play, to live large, to take a chance, to shine!

The evolutionary intent around Leo energy is to express joy.

Leo energy invites us all to recall our inner child, the part of us that is full of wonder and awe about all of life and how it works. Leo evokes the energy of the performer, reminding us to shine brightly and live out loud. Leo’s zodiac symbol, the lion, challenges us to rise up and summon the confidence to take charge and express our moxie.

Questions for this new moon in Leo:

What is my relationship with my inner child and creative self? What outlets are presently available to me in the creative sphere? Where can I deepen my connection to this creative spirit?

What is my relationship to risk-taking? How can I take more chances to enhance my overall life experience? Do I take enough risk in my creative self-expression to show up authentically?

Do I allow myself to celebrate life in its wide-ranging colors? Where can I let go of the reins a little bit more and relax into the natural joys inherent in the life experience?

Where and how does my creativity and gregarious nature serve to glorify my ego rather than reflect meaningful self-expression?

Where do I “sell out” my true expression and buy into the methods that will elicit attention and validation from others?

What are the ways in which I can show up more fully and shine my inner radiance to the world?

General action steps:


Time to tap into the magical inner child in you, the one that carries the buoyancy and pure merriment of being alive. Begin a new creative project. Invent a new game. Dance in the sand. Talk to your food. Sing a song that has yet to be written. Return to simple pleasures. Wiggle your toes. Smile. Walk barefoot in the sand. Feel your heart beat. Return to the more innocent, mischievous, clownish place inside of you.


It’s time to live a little bit bigger, celebrate a little bit more. Throw a dinner party. Treat yourself to that concert. Engage in something special that allows you to feel warmth in your heart. Let in a little more love and a little more life. Fun is not a purely frivolous undertaking; it’s a necessary one.

Take Risks:

Our comfort zone falls in on us if we are not constantly pushing out on it. This new moon reminds us to push the limits of our comfort zone. Take healthy risks that promise to support and enhance your sense of life’s possibilities. Express yourself with honesty. Be courageous. You know the places where you need to come out of hiding.

Specific action steps for the astrologically-savvy:

Where does the new moon at one degree of Leo fall in your natal chart? If you already have familiarity with your natal chart, you can determine specifically where you can apply those action steps during this new moon:

1st house: New plans regarding your physical appearance. Perhaps you want to consider a new wardrobe, a makeover, new hairstyle, or a new way of outwardly expressing who you are to the world…one with more buoyancy and flair.

2nd house: New plans regarding finance and budgeting. You may make new investments to favor more long-term growth and financial security. Perhaps you take on a new job or other new way of making money. Perhaps you make a large purchase that requires some courage! Seeds planted now do well to reinforce what you value.

3rd house: This favors new developments in your communication, learning materials, relationships with siblings, relationships with neighbors, and/or your neighboring environment. You may become involved in learning or teaching something new.

4th house: New plans on the home front. You may hold a party in your home or do some redecorating. You may finally feel strong enough to address psychological themes buried in your psychological nature or within your family system.

5th house: New plans and new energy are available here with creative projects, recreational activities, sexual involvements, and/or children. This really is that extra push in the creative sector, with Leo energy in the department of creativity. There’s a myriad of colorful possibilities to push out on artistic potential here. A new sexual partner or a new way of exploring your sexual life are possible.

6th house: This placement suggests new plans for addressing your routines in work or health. Perhaps you have the energy to take on a new exercise or nutrition regime.

7th house: You are encouraged to play, create, and take risks in regard to one-on-one relationships, in the personal or business domains. Your relationship to the public may also get a boost at this time.

8th house: New beginnings in the areas of shared finances, occult studies, transformation, psychotherapy, and deep intimacy. You may invest in a joint savings account with your partner. You are invited to dive deeper into studying the mysteries and taboo subject areas that mainstream society deems as “shady.” You daringly undergo a transformation that leaves you forever changed. Psychotherapy calls to you in a new way. You may deepen your capacity for intimate relating.

9th house: You may make plans for vacations and long-distance travel. As the house of the “higher mind,” you may open up your mind to new philosophies and a broader cultural or spiritual perspective at this time. You are lion-ized to explore and expand your mind, and push out on the limits of what you currently know and experience as “truth.”

10th house: You may have a fresh start in your public image. Promotions and new projects in the career sector are indicated. Create an ambitious new business plan. Set brave new career goals. Think big as far as how you want your career to unfold.

11th house: You may undergo a new beginning in regard to your overarching hopes and dreams. The “big picture” of your life may begin to make more sense. New networking and larger community involvements may be highlighted. You may be inspired to start working with a volunteer organization. Somehow, your connection to the collective whole of humanity can be re-energized now.

12th house: As a hidden house, you may be more inclined to shine behind the scenes at this time. Perhaps you enjoy more private time to meditate and do some reflecting. Perhaps you engage in creative projects that are solitary in nature. This is the energy to renew your soul and connect to source in a space of retreat.

The energy of this new moon is full of fiery potential.

If we allow this new moon to pull open and expand our hearts, we enable a spirit of play and celebration to permeate and color our world in a way that offsets some of the somber adulting the world often requires of us.

Let this new moon be a reminder of how good it can feel to be vibrant and alive in the world.


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