12 Poetic Sentences that Perfectly Explain the Present Moment.

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Saturday, 5:11 p.m. July 1st, 2017: A Meditation.

This is a written meditation: a reflection on a particular moment, stoking gratitude for the universe and the way it ebbs and flows, for the way we are all a part of something incomprehensibly beautiful. For our cells’ tiny collaborations. For the way that our bodies remember how to make other bodies. For how the cosmos structures everything according to rules of physics, from a single molecule made of vibrating strings of light to galaxies like strings of Christmas lights hung invisibly in the sky.

rattle and flicker,
electric hum.

your eyes. you are
growth. you are
a pattern the universe

remembers, its physics
a muscle memory.

of the space
between molecules.

you are a tiny orbit,
vibrations. think seashell,
think crystal.

think embryo
and nucleus.

your body radiates
invisible light. pulse

and static. open
your lungs. this wave
unfolds you again

and again.

Author: Emily Knott
Image: barbara w/Flickr
Editor: Catherine Monkman
Copy Editor: Lieselle Davidson
Social Editor: Travis May

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About Emily Knott

Emily Knott is a recent graduate of Princeton University with a B.A. in English. She lives in South Carolina, where she grew up, and is an avid fan of yoga, poetry, the universe, and dogs. Catch up with Emily on her blog and Twitter.



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