August 20, 2017

Awakening America’s Sleeping Giant: Guardians of the Galaxy.

Back in World War II, right after Pearl Harbor, there was a pre-internet meme: Awakening the Sleeping Giant.

The “Sleeping Giant,” of course, was the American people, and they were mobilized, en masse, after decades of isolationism, to stand up and fight against the Nazis, fascism and the killing of those who were deemed “inferior.” (So, pretty much everyone, except white, Christian people).

Well, guess what America? It’s happening again.

But this time the “Sleeping Giant” are millions of Americans, young and old—of all colors, religions, and flavors—who are done with the games of racists, bigots, bullies, corrupt police officers, corrupt politicians, a corrupt prison system, corrupt corporations, and corrupt political parties.

It reminds me of “Guardians of the Galaxy“: fighting evil (i.e., ignorance) for the sake of the collective, the whole. The character, Groot, in particular, embodies what’s right about this current movement for me. Groot is unshakable. Caring and courageous, Groot puts the welfare of the group front and center.

Unlike, for example, Donald Trump, who does pretty much the opposite, pitting groups against one another and putting his own group on top.

Thanks, Donald Trump. You’ve just awakened a major can of whoop ass. And just like in WWII, there is no turning back now. Critical mass has been reached. White, racist, misogynistic America…you’re more than on notice. Your time is done. The beginning of the end is near. Your attempt to hold onto power, for its own sake (and your benefit), is just pathetic.

And just like real Nazis at the end of the war, you can keep up your pitiful crusade and cling to an outdated past, or you can put down your weapons of hate and join the one and only “side” that deserves your support: the side of equality, the side of justice, the side of love for your fellow human beings—irrespective of color, race, nationality, religion, economic status, sexual orientation, gender orientation, physical ability, relationship style, music style, or hoodie style.

And, in case you’re confused, I’ll give you a hint—it ain’t the Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, or “White Power.” (Remind me, when have the whites ever not been in power?)

You all need to choose your side—and fast. Because change is a’coming. Whether you like it or not. And it’s going to happen with or without you.

But you get to either support it, publicly, or you get to be the a**hole who instead supports hate, suffering, and everything unholy.



Author: Axel Obed
Image: Groot, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” movie still
Editor: Travis May
Copy Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Social Editor: Catherine Monkman


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