August 18, 2017

Barcelona, This is to You.

Six hours into my first trip to Barcelona, I knew I was going to live there.

Like many others, I simply felt drawn to the city. The balance of metropolitan meets the Mediterranean, history juxtaposed with a modern, free-spirited energy, captivated me.

I write this a few hours after the attack in Barcelona.

My heart is heavy to see the vulnerability of the city I once called home.

But, I am not here to discuss the darkness of the attacks, but the brightness of Barcelona. And to express my personal gratitude and love for a city I often describe as accepting, diverse, and filled with good hearts on any random street.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, this city will continue to be an epicenter for creating beautiful connections between people from all cultures, religions, sexual orientations, and political beliefs.

Barcelona, this is to you…

This is to walking the city alone. To café con leche at noon. To international love affairs.

This is for the barrios. The bohemians. The hipsters. The squatters. The wandering souls finding solace here. The travelers who visit for the first time and don’t want to take another step. To those who came from afar. And to those who are from a few towns away.

This is for the Spaniards. For the Catalans.

Here is to yellingguapa” at the beautiful women roaming the streets. For red and yellow stripes on the flag. To Dali once wandering these very alleyways.

For the abuelas who don’t move an inch on the sidewalk to let you pass by. To the men in suits on scooters. To Sagrada Familia never being finished…

This is to you, Barcelona. You magical, whimsical, vibrant city by the sea.

You unfolded your mosaic arms and encompassed me with the comfort of a mother and the excitement of a new lover.

Like a first kiss that forever lingers in the depths of our thoughts, the imprint of this city is forever etched on us, into us, within us.

Shine on, dear Barcelona, shine on.


Author: Analisa Krasula
Image: Author’s Own
Editor: Leah Sugerman
Copy Editor: Khara-Jade Warren
Social Editor: Travis May

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