September 7, 2017

Ask Waylon Anything: How to Save our World through Words—& make a Good Living Doing So.

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Ask Waylon Anything: Waylon Lewis, founder of Elephant Journal.

“I interviewed Lester Brown years ago, and he said to me, ‘media is the key to saving the planet, and us.’ Communication, whether in a relationship or via a website, like ours, or a personal blog, or one’s Facebook page, can be the opposite of hype, PR, discursive BS. There’s a Someecard that makes fun of society’s rampant oversharing: it has a picture of someone saying, ‘Instead of interacting with my friends, I’m going to share a quote on their Facebook wall.’ We can do better—much better. As Kerouac said, to paraphrase, ‘it’s what we least want to say to that the world is most bleeding to hear.’ Once in a while, something genuine and real comes up. Share that, and see our world flooded with kindness. And in so doing, find your path of right livelihood. It’s a win-win.” ~ Waylon Lewis

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