October 3, 2017

For next time you feel the urge to lash out & type that Angry Text. ~ Kino MacGregor

Problems are complicated, but happiness is simple.

The good in every situation outweighs the bad. It just has to—if it doesn’t, the situation is not over yet.

Here’s something I like to do when things seem difficult, and I’m stuck: I try to give things time. Because when things feel stuck, my first inclination is to try and fix them.

If you feel the urge to lash out, type an angry text, or do something immediately, you’ll probably regret it later. The more you want to reply, defend yourself, talk your point through, the more you may find yourself beating a dead horse, or fighting a pointless fight.

In the chess game of the emotional body, the best case scenario is a non-zero sum game, where no one loses. But to see the path where everyone wins and everyone is happy you need to be calm, tuned into wisdom, and rooted in love.

As long as you’re reacting, you’re not acting. When you’re caught in the storm, it’s hard to see how easy it can be to find your way out.

Remember this: no matter how sticky any situation is, there is a way out. It often starts with valuing yourself, listening to your own voice, honoring it, and finding the time and space to return to the simplicity of being happy.

When you’re happy, it changes your perspective on everything. Make your job your own happiness and stick to it.

Return to this simple technique: pause and take 10 deep breaths. Then look around. Feel the sun on your face, the gentle breeze, and let life wrap itself around you like a tender embrace.

You’re loved, you’re on a unique mission, and these are all just bumps on what is an exciting, fulfilling journey filled with love.

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Author: Kino MacGregor
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