The Best Gift that isn’t Presents. {Poem}

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I never really considered
as a gift,
until adulthood.
I would hear the word
and think of Santa Claus,
glittery twinkle lights,
or brightly wrapped
birthday boxes
of mystery and potential.

The necessity
of presence
has many ways to make itself known.
It floats with ease to the forefront
in quiet, gentle moments,
joins us with a knowing smile
in moments of gratitude,
and barges in like an obnoxious partygoer
when grief knocks on the door.

Presence can be an expert at hide-and-seek
when things aren’t coming up roses.
Not because it’s hiding,
but because we’re seeking.
Anything to avoid stillness,
the mirror,
the reflection.

The state of
being present
is a gift.

The kind we should feel
as great about giving regularly
to ourselves
as we do to others—
guilt free.

The sort that ought to be
by giving a care,
and giving our care.

The factories of our hearts
do not need distribution centers,
advertisements, or discounts.

The gift of presence
is an investment much greater
than any bank statement could display.


Author/Editor: Jen Schwartz
Image: Flickr

Copy Editor: Yoli Ramazzini
Social Editor: Callie Rushton

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About Jen Schwartz

Jen Schwartz is a joy seeker/sharer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Made mostly of heart, she is a procurer of positive thoughts and lover of the (extra)ordinary. Jen is particularly passionate about people, connection, words, and song. You’ll often find her correcting grammar in things publicly displayed, thanking the sun for shining, or pointing out lyric references in everyday conversation. Connect with her on Facebook.


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