November 27, 2017

The Royal Engagement Headline that warmed my Feminist Heart.

I thought nothing could be more exciting this morning than the announcement of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal engagement.

And then a British men’s lifestyle website warmed my feminist heart with this headline:

Successful actress Meghan Markle to wed former soldier.

A headline that doesn’t minimize a woman in relation to her male partner?
A headline that highlights a woman’s accomplishments?
A headline that uses a woman’s full name without mentioning the name of the man she is in a relationship with?

Yes, please to all of this.

The article goes on to praise Markle for her successful acting career—most notably on “Suits”—and her humanitarian work as a United Nations ambassador.

But the kicker comes at the end of the article when Prince Harry is finally discussed:

“Windsor is a 33-year-old former soldier, having served in Helmand, Afghanistan with the Army Air Corps. He is currently unemployed but does charity work.”

Perfectly tongue-in-cheek!

While I love men, and Prince Harry, it’s nice to see women get the attention and praise they deserve, and to not merely see them play second fiddle to the men they choose to love.

Feminism and women’s rights for the win.



Author: Nicole Cameron
Image: Twitter; Twitter
Copy Editor: Callie Rushton
Social Editor: Waylon Lewis

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