December 5, 2017

Discover your Celtic Tree Zodiac Sign & what it Means.

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Not everyone resonates with the characteristics set out in traditional Western Zodiac signs.

Fortunately, there is another way of discovering more about personalities and behaviours than simply looking at constellations.

The Celts hold an ancient belief that we all derive from trees, and our date of birth is interconnected with the qualities found in nature. They say that the season we were born in is pivotal to the formation of our individual tendencies and traits.

Not only did the Celts intensely observe nature on Earth, they also looked to the skies and noted that the movement of the moon also played a vital part in shaping our unique characteristics. Therefore, Celtic astrology is based around a lunar calendar. This means that there are 13 Celtic Zodiac signs rather than the 12 identified in standard Western astrology (the moon has 13 yearly phases).

Trees are a symbol of life, death, and renewal, and almost all of the trees found in Celtic countries are revered in Celtic traditions.

The Celts’ deep and profound connection with trees, which they believed contained powerful spiritual energy, wisdom, and sacred knowledge, led them to correlate each lunar month with a tree and assign a Celtic Zodiac sign to those born during that period.

To find out your Celtic tree sign and discover if it resonates with your own personality and characteristics, check your birth date below:

December 24th through January 20th

Birch: The Achiever.

The Birch signifies the start of the Celtic new year, and this sign represents fresh starts, renewal, and awakenings.

Those born under the Birch’s energy were born during the darkest time of the year, so they often find themselves seeking out the light. This can be challenging at times, but it builds character and means that Birches develop resilient, tough, and determined personalities. They also create their own light as charismatic creatures glow from within and radiate outward to compensate for the fact that there was little light during their time of birth.

Birch people are usually leaders who are highly motivated, driven, and ambitious. They are successful in achieving whatever they set their minds on. Whenever a forest is burned down, the Birch is the first to regrow. This sign embodies that ethos a “phoenix rising from the ashes” strength, deeply ingrained within them.

Compatibility: Vine and Willow.

January 21st through February 17th

Rowan: The Thinker.

Rowans have the most philosophical minds of the Celtic Zodiac, and are deep thinkers, creators, and visionaries. They have fiery inner passion and a wild imagination, although they often keep these contained as they perceive their beliefs and ideas to be too “weird” or “outside the box” to be taken seriously by those around them. This can cause them to be somewhat aloof and distant in their interactions with others, although this doesn’t really reflect their true personality.

Rowans have an intensely influential energy that can alter the frequency of entire rooms, and they effortlessly transmute energy and pull people out of negative states of mind just through radiating warm, loving, and healing compassion.

Compatibility: Ivy and Hawthorn.

February 18th through March 17th

Ash: The Enchanter.

Those born during the Ash period are perceived by the Celts as freethinkers, revolutionaries, highly imaginative, naturally intuitive, and mostly enchanting creatures. They have a rich inner mind and crave solitude, which means they have a profound bond with nature and are at their best when wandering deep in the midst of a magical forest.

They are often perceived as recluses as they are introspective and often feel disconnected to those around them. Though they can understand and empathise with other people, it feels like other people can’t seem to understand them. This doesn’t bother Ash characters too much though, as they are have little care for what others think of them.

They are naturally creative and their interests often include art, writing, spirituality, the universe, psychology, and anything that helps them to understand their own, and other people’s, hearts and minds. Ash signs absorb themselves in conversations about theology and distant planets, and adore holding deep debates about the purpose of existence.

Compatibility: Willow and Reed.

March 18th through April 14th

Alder: The Trailblazer.

Alders are charismatic, strong, focused trailblazers who have a magnetic personality that draws people toward them. They know the path they’re meant to travel and charge forward with such determination and unfaltering faith that it inspires others to follow their lead.

One thing they hate is wasting time and deliberating. Alders are self-assured and can’t live with procrastination and indecision. They have a way with words that makes them highly intriguing and desirable characters, and although they are happy to walk the road alone, they are often found leading a tribe of other curious and confident adventurers.

This sign is often the one that people turn to when they need a shoulder to cry on, as they are amazing listeners and know the right thing to say at the right time to help soothe troubles and ease distress. Alders also have an intense connection with water, which means they are emotional creatures with depth that others are often afraid to dive into.

Compatibility: Birches, Oaks, and Hawthorns.

April 15th through May 12th

Willow: The Observer.

Willows have a strong connection to the moon, and are highly sensitive, intuitive, and intelligent beings. Those born during this period are often known to have psychic powers, including premonitions and the ability to sense with clarity what other people think and feel, which is enhanced due to their ability to tap into mystical lunar energy.

They are avid learners, and their goal in life is to attain as much knowledge as they can gather. They find profound lessons and wisdom in each of their experiences. Their motto in life is “turn every negative into a positive,” so regardless of how challenging and turbulent their situations are, they turn them to their advantage with ease. Willows are the most likely to create a “bucket list” to help push themselves to extremes while collecting unforgettable memories along the way.

Compatibility: Ivy and Birch.

May 13th through June 9th

Hawthorne: The Illusionist.

The phrase that is often used to describe Hawthorns is “never judge a book by its cover.” They are known as “illusionists” because what you see is rarely the reality. They may be perceived as complex, confusing, and unpredictable characters with a great air of mystery about them.

Few people are privileged to know the true nature of this Celt sign, as they only allow those they unwaveringly trust to view the blueprint of their soul. Hawthorns have creative and dynamic personalities and their energy is unstoppable, which makes them fun and entertaining to be around, and despite hiding their complicated inner wiring, they are usually well liked, admired, and respected.

Compatibility: Ash and Rowan.

June 10th through July 7th

Oak: The Stabilizer.

Oaks are usually known as the strongest and most stable sign of the Celtic zodiac, and always remain positive and upbeat despite the challenges and struggles that life throws at them. Not only do they always bounce back after tragedy, they are normally the ones to stand and be a courageous voice for the vulnerable and oppressed underdogs.

Oak signs are full of knowledge and wisdom and enjoy spreading it to others, which is why they often take careers as teachers, advisors, counsellors, or why they make wonderfully informative and interesting parents.

They are social beings and find their place of comfort within the heart of the family, although they can be a little too controlling and over-protective toward their loved ones. Generosity, kindness, nurturing, compassion, and empathy are a few of their most notable traits as they help anyone they can and never deem themselves to be above or below anyone else.

Compatibility: Ash, Reed, and Ivy.

July 8th through Aug 4th

Holly: The Ruler.

Those born during the Holly period are well known for their competitive and ambitious sides, mostly due to their natural ability to become successful at whatever they attempt to accomplish. They are usually naturally talented at a wide range of tasks, hobbies, and interests, and are quick learners who rarely quit or experience easy defeat.

Holly signs are often noble and regal characters who enjoy feeling powerful and in control. They are at their peak when their mind is constantly challenged, and if boredom sets in, laziness usually follows. This is why Hollies are far happier and healthier when they have a project or two in motion. However, they can be perfectionists and will go to great lengths to complete tasks to the highest standards possible.

Hollies are most likely to say, “If I want a job done properly, I’m better off doing it myself.” They can be a little critical and fuss over the tiniest detail.

Compatibility: Ash and Elder.

August 5th through September 1st

Hazel: The Knower.

Hazels have been naturally gifted with intelligence, whether it is academic in nature or intuitive knowledge about life. They have the innate ability to recall situations and remember information that most others would likely not pay attention to or simply forget.

They are amazing planners with excellent organisational skills, so whenever there is an event to arrange, Hazels are the ones to call upon. Hazels are known to get a little obsessive at times, whether it’s about their relationships, career, or future plans and goals.

This sign is the most analytical of the Celtic Zodiac and Hazels spend hours in contemplation deciphering the best outcome before they get started, which is also the reason they are known to procrastinate and delay events due to their overcautious and fretful mind.

Compatibility: Hawthorne and Rowan.

September 2nd through September 29th

Vine: The Equalizer.

Those born during the Vine period are often indecisive, and their opinions can sway from one end of the spectrum to the other in a short period of time. They often contradict themselves and change their mind like the wind. This is partly due to being born during the period of the autumnal equinox, and also because they are highly empathetic and know there is always more than one side to every story.

Vines have a weakness for the more luxurious sides of life, including fine foods, music, travel, charm, elegance, and general home comforts. It also means they are often materialistic and at times superficial, with a strong desire for expensive designer labels and exotic pleasures.

Compatibility: Willow and Hazel signs.

September 30th through October 27th

Ivy: The Survivor.

Ivy is an intensely spiritual soul, and often known as the “wounded healer” of the Celtic Zodiac, due to the amount of trials and tribulations that life has tested them with. This means that they are also one of the most loyal, compassionate, and caring signs, as they know all too well how it feels to go through hardship and suffering. They are always on hand to help and support anyone else who may be in need. This can often cause them to put other people before themselves, which can be draining and emotionally challenging; however, it is not in Ivy’s nature to prioritise themselves above others.

They are givers and are generous with their time and affection, rarely asking or expecting anything in return. They are soft, gentle, and caring souls, and what they need most is to be surrounded by people who will treat them with tenderness and consideration—although unfortunately, due to their mild nature, they are often taken advantage of.

Although they may seem to allow people to walk all over them, they area actually quite observant and acutely aware of other people’s intentions. However, they don’t allow other people’s behaviour to alter their own character. Instead, they continue through life with an open heart and mind, which ultimately gives them strength, wisdom, and even greater levels of compassion as they forgive quickly and love people unconditionally.

Compatibility: Oak and Ash.

October 28th through November 24th

Reed: The Inquisitor.

Reeds are truthseekers who love to find the deeper meaning hidden within everything, in the hope of finding ancient knowledge and wisdom. Life is a mystery to Reeds, and they know that each layer they peel back just reveals more intrigue and possibility, particularly where the hearts and minds of people are concerned.

This sign is often fascinated with conspiracy theories and figuring out the who, what, why, where, and when of every scenario. They would make impeccable journalists or detectives—Sherlock Holmes would likely be someone they aspire to be like. Reeds have an incessant curiosity for life and are untethered, restless souls who are questioners and explorers of all that is still to be discovered.

Compatibility: Reeds, Ash, and Oak.

November 25th through December 23rd

Elder: The Seeker.

Elders are highly energetic, self-sufficient, and disciplined characters, and although they endure many hardships throughout their lives, they never lose their passion for life. They are free-spirited old-souls who are honest to the core, speak their minds, are intensely philosophical, and are usually perceived as the “wild child” of the Celtic zodiac.

They embrace change and live life at high speed, which can sometimes make it look as though they are reckless. However, they are deeply thoughtful beings that rely on their heightened intuition, wisdom, and inner knowledge to guide them.

They have faith that despite any turmoil they face, they have the ability to rejuvenate and renew at incredibly fast speeds. Elders are commonly misjudged and misunderstood, causing them to be the outcasts in society or the “black sheep” of the family, but this never phases the Elders as they feel more content in solitude than they do in crowded social settings.

Compatibility: Alder and Holly.

Throughout the Celtic Zodiac, the signs are divided in two ways: by the new moon and the full moon. The new moon relates to the first two weeks of each particular sign, and the full moon relates to the second two weeks.

If someone is born during the first two weeks of a Celtic tree sign, they are more likely to be highly sensitive, intuitive, impulsive, introverted, and introspective.

Those born during the second two weeks, corresponding to when the moon is full, are more likely to be assertive, extroverted, sociable, expressive, and objective.

If you found that your sign resonates with the date you were born, please feel free to comment below, as it is intriguing to observe how many people identify more with the ancient Celtic zodiac than they do with the descriptions found in traditional Western Zodiac signs.

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